Lesson 46


Focus: Practice in the Supplementary Book

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 46 dives right into the fourth supplementary book with a 2/4 piece helping you to practice sixteenth notes, broken chords and staccato phrasing. After playing the song as written, Duane shows you the possible arrangement techniques, focusing on swing bass, octave thirds, graces notes, chording and the half-step slide.


The lesson's next song again provides practice with sixteenth and eighth notes but this time adds a new chord: the D minor 7 chord, or Dmin7. Duane explains Dmin7 and its fingering and inversions before discussing it's relation to the F chord and how the two can be completely interchanged for arrangement purposes; this sort of interchangeability is what makes the concept of chord substitution work. After playing it as written, you'll begin arranging the song by adding sixths and half-step slides.


The third song is an instant review of the key of G major. Again, you'll analyze the piece's chords, form and theme before playing it as written. While walking you through the piece, Duane explains how to use non-scale tones to add tension, creating a chord that desperately wants to be resolved. You'll briefly cover some arrangement possibilities, but as this song is somewhat advanced and difficult to arrange, the majority of your work will be spent with the written version.


The lesson's last song, a fairly simple one, features more practice with sixteenth and eighth notes. You'll practice note and chord recognition while playing through this piece and also learn to interchange syncopated and non-syncopated elements within a melody.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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