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     Learn how to play piano using "secret sauce chords" to improvise the songs you love to play! Learn piano that "colors without crayons" using Chord Color Magic! Piano tips on videos by Duane Shinn - learn to play "Cascading Waterfall" runs, gospel piano riffs, new-age sounds, chord progressions galore, blues runs and fills, classical sounds & more. Learn to understand musical structure - piano lessons for adults that are fun and helpful! Learn piano the right way!

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Don't settle for just playing piano as the sheet music is written - learn to add chords and fills and runs and all kinds of exciting stuff that makes your piano playing more exciting!

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"I wish I was 10 years old and you were my piano teacher. 20 years ago, I took piano lessons for 3 years. I've learned so very much from you in just 3 months...far more than what I learned in 3 years. You put things together so well. I love the way you throw new content at us. You really are a great teacher. I'm a doubting Thomas and when I read all those testimonials about how good you were, I thought buddy you'll really have to prove it to me. Guess what, I'm convinced, you're a FANTASTIC teacher. Not only do you have the Know How, but you really know how to get your point across...love the sense of humor too." Lydia - (E-mail June 18, 07 - on file)


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Chord Piano - play piano using chords How To Play Chord Piano...

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Piano arranging -- dress up "naked music" on the piano How To Dress Up Naked Music On The Piano!

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Praise & Gospel Piano Praise & Gospel

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How to create runs and fills on the piano  Piano Runs & Fills Galore

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Home study piano course on DVD 52-Week Crash Course in exciting piano playing!

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Piano keyboard

Learn piano. Piano lessons for adults on DVD - piano courses galore that teach how to improvise using chords -- all styles of improvisation including jazz, rock, gospel, new age music and more including classical music by Beethoven. Learn to play piano notes by the fist-full by learning piano chording music styles. Learn to read piano music, learn songs from classical to popular music. Learning keyboard and musical notation is one of the most fun things you can do. Piano tutorials online by Duane Shinn using major chords, minor chords, 7th chords, and all kinds of chord progressions. Learn to play the keyboard music of your dreams using chords & chording techniques with our piano lesson DVD! Read about the piano on Wikipedia..