Lesson 36

Focus: Arrangement Techniques and the B Diminished Chord

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes



This week's lesson begins with an explanation of the alternating bass, a technique used to employ different chord tones when playing the swing bass. After teaching you how to properly execute the technique, Duane guides you through a piece intended to practice this style of bass accompaniment. This song also introduces a new chord, the B diminished chord (or Bdim), and shows you how to use it within the song's context. In the process of helping you master this song, Duane explains chromatic passages and how they can be identified within a written piece or used as an effective arrangement technique. You'll get a chance to exercise this new skill within an arrangement after learning to play the above song both hands alone and hands together.


Week 36's lesson continues with a song in the third supplementary book, the classic favorite "On Top of Old Smoky." It's a somewhat simple song and therefore conducive to a productive review; you'll exercise your abilities with a multitude of third intervals in the melody and a steady swing bass accompaniment. Once you get comfortable with the song as written, you'll start work on an arrangement, focusing on the various styles in which this song could be rearranged and brushing up melody octaves and full chording in the bass.


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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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