Lesson 31


Focus: Practice in G Major

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 31's lesson, shorter and again shown entirely in close-up, focuses on your playing and reading ability in the key of G major. You'll begin your practice with "Chipanecas," paying careful attention to the chord construction and octave melodies; the song works with broken chords in 2/4 time, a new position of the Amin chord and the introduction of the C augmented chord, or Caug. Additionally, you'll practice reading and playing counter melody and contrary motion. Duane guides you through the piece both hands alone and hands together before showing you some arrangement possibilities, including echoing rhythm, and encouraging you to take the reigns and try some of your own ideas.


The lesson then moves on to "Home on the Range," which includes a written swing bass, a new A7 chord position and, of course, more crucial practice in the key of G major. As always, you'll work through the song as written, ironing out any difficulties with the bass accompaniment or new chord position, before trying your hand at a little bit of arrangement. Duane shows you how upward inversions, walk-ups and walk-downs can complement this song, as well as demonstrating the effect achieved by playing the melody an octave higher than written.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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