Lesson 22


Focus: More Arrangement Possibilities

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


The supplementary book remains the focal point as you move into week 22, another week filled with arrangement practice and techniques. You'll begin with a popular classical piece to warm up your fingers and explore style variety. Duane explains in greater detail the decision-making process required to put a piece in context and choose an appropriate arrangement style; for this piece, he selects a romantic, ballad-like sound and takes you through the techniques used to achieve it. You'll cover arpeggios and appropriate intervals and learn how to create a right hand melody out of both octaves and chords. Duane also explains the series of trials and errors inherent in arranging and how to avoid becoming frustrated by such a process.


After demonstrating a variety of different arrangement possibilities for the song (ensuring that you hear the difference even a note can make), Duane introduces the technique of eighth note repetitive chording and explains how it can be used to make a melody truly stand out. You'll work a bit with dynamics and tempo before moving on to a Scottish folk song notable for its sheer number of notes; you'll, of course, go through this song as written before even considering the arrangement. Duane uses this stylized piece to demonstrate the ways in which a style indication, such as country of origin, can be used to create a familiar sound for the piece. In this piece, for instance, he uses fifth intervals to emulate a bagpipe-like sound reminiscent of the song's homeland. The lesson ends with a review of some techniques learned last week and the quick addition of grace notes and syncopation to the piece you're currently working with.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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