Lesson 12


Focus: Arrangement and Seventh Pointer Chords

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 12 represents a first for this course; the entire lesson is taught in close-up, enabling you to see the absolute detail in every song. You'll start practice with a song to review the minor pointer chords learned last week then move into an explanation of crescendo and decrescendo. It's here that Duane begins his discussion of arrangement techniques; he starts off with Alberti bass and swing bass, two techniques already taught, then moves into open voice arpeggio, a new way to break up chords. He demonstrates how to voice the chords using this technique and the proper fingerings needed to accomplish it.


The lesson continues with the start of the second supplementary book. You'll practice minor chords and open voice arpeggio with "We Three Kings" before moving on to a sneak peek of other techniques used to add spice and variety to a song. Duane takes you through these techniques, including swing bass and open voice arpeggio, in "Come Ye Thankful People, Come," a song designed also to exercise minor chords, sharps and flats.


An introduction to three seventh pointer chords -- C7, E7 and A7 -- brings week twelve to a close. As always, you'll learn their rules and the methods for identifying and playing them before moving into a few exercises to practice their fingering.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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