Are There Piano Programs On Pinterest? Yep.

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Piano Programs On Pinterest


Good morning. This is Duane and today we’re going to do something a little bit unusual. I’m going to take you over to my Pinterest page and you’re going to see some pictures of

Good morning. This is Duane and today we’re going to do something a little bit unusual. I’m going to take you over to my Pinterest page and you’re going to piano programs on Pinterest and some other things that you may want to know about.  So if you haven’t been to Pinterest, you’re kind of in for a treat.

Pinterest is used by all kinds of people. It’s very popular in terms of dresses and home decoration and that sort of thing but it’s also useful for other things. I have a couple pages. One is called, Pictures of Piano Stuff, as you can see. Passionate people Who Play Piano With a Purpose. On that page, if you see anything of interest to you such as Piano University or the Most Used Chords in the Key of C or The Music Tree- Can You Grown Your Own? or The Family of Chords or All the 9th Chords … no that’s 13th, I guess … All the Minor Chords, Diminished Piano Triads, Augmented Piano Triads, Minor 6th Piano Chords, 9th Chords … whatever that it … 7th, 11th …that was major 6th.

Okay, things like that. I’m going to toggle down a little bit so you can see more. There’s a Circle of Minor Keys and Circle of Major Keys and All the Major Piano Chords. AnythIng you’re interested in, just click on that, just click on it and that will take you to the page where that’s found and explain, okay?

Another page I have is Piano Videos of Purposeful Piano Principles for Practicing Piano. These are videos that I have, short videos. The first one was called, Learn to Play Piano with Your Fingers, Ears, Brain and Heart. A lot of people just play piano kind of with their fingers but you’ve got to have your brain engage and your ears engaged and certainly your heart so that you play with expression.

This is a video called, Left hand Piano Style Chord Strum, Parallel Minor 7th Chords, Redefining the Melody with Different Chords in Your Left Hand. There is a riches of stuff here. How to Fill up the Dead Spaces in Your Songs, Seven Ways to Play the Same Melody Note, Extended Chords, What are They?, How to Put Rhythmic Chord Notes Under the Melody, etc., etc. A lot of videos here using all kinds of techniques. If you’re interested in any of those, again, just play on that. If you hit “Play” it’ll play. Okay?

Here’s Piano Programs that Produce Pianists, Prescription for Practicing Piano with a Purpose. Some of the videos are here but there’s also some other stuff. That’s a link to our Play Piano catalog. Here’s Free Piano Stuff, the world’s biggest collection of free piano stuff, videos, podcasts, articles, piano tips galore and so on.

There’s Information on Chord Progression. Here’s A College Course in Understanding Music in a Nutshell, kind of a condensed music theory course. Let me toggle down just to [inaudible 00:03:05]. That’s a Talking Chord Chart. I walk you through all the chords on an E-book. This is a Piano Chord Chart that if you click on notes, it shows the chords for that particular key and so on.

Secrets of Exciting Chords and Chord Progressions, 39 lessons on Chords. You get the idea. There’s my, On the Piano Bench with Duane, Duane’s Inner Circle Membership. If you’re interested in studying with me in a closed group, in a private group, click on that and that’ll tell you about it.

Now we go over to Piano Pros Playing the Piano Powerfully.” Pros Who Play with Power and Poise to Please the Palate of People. There’s Erroll Garner. If you want to see some of the influences on me, well, here’s a major one. When I was 14 years old I went to a concert by Erroll Garner, a solo concert, just him and his piano. I was astounded because he brought out a telephone book. He’s so short that he had to sit on a telephone book. He put this telephone book on his piano seat and sat on top of that to reach high enough.

When he began to play, I could not believe that anyone could play the piano like that so that motivated me to start on my piano work. There’s Van Cliburn, certainly one of the great classical pianists, Bill Evans, one of my heroes in terms of re-harmonization and just beautiful stuff. Les McCann. I saw Les when he was just a kid down in Los Angeles and heard him play many, many times, a playful guy.

Andre Previn, the great pianist. You know, Andre Previn had three careers. He started out he was I think 16 to 17 years old. He was musical director of, I don’t know, MGM or something, major studio and he had been a classical pianist, of course. Then he recorded a jazz album so for about 10 years he was a jazz pianist. Then he kind of put that aside … he does it occasionally …but put that aside and he became conductor of the London Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Philharmonic and so on.

If you want to learn a little bit about Andre Previn and hear him play … by the way, here he’s playing a duet with Oscar Peterson, the great pianist from Canada, and that’s a lot of fun because Andre Previn with all his classical training and fantastic technique can barely keep up with Oscar Peterson. You’ll see what I mean.

Dave Brubeck was one of my heroes growing up and here’s Paul Desmond his sax player, playing Take Five, I think it is. This is not a piano tape but if you don’t know about Take Six, they are a fantastic group, singing group, and they sing a cappella. You’d swear there was a band or a drum behind them but they create that with their voice. Incredible talented guys.

That’s some of my piano pins on Pinterest. By the way, anything that you like on my page, you can take to your page. If you have a page, you can go over and pin my stuff. For example, this lady Pauline… Pauline something … she apparently likes my stuff, so she pinned all the stuff, a lot of my things on her page so you can do that.

Let’s see how deep she goes. Oh, wow! She goes way down doesn’t she? Okay, so you can do that too. If you want them on your page, you’re welcome to take them.

Okay, that’s a little Introduction to Piano Playing on Pinterest. Thanks for being with me. We’ll see you tomorrow with another short video of some sort.

Bye-bye for now.

Here is the link to my Pinterest page:

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Are There Piano Programs On Pinterest? Yep.
Are There Piano Programs On Pinterest? Yep.

This is Duane and today we're going to do something a little bit unusual. I'm going to take you over to my Pinterest page and you're going to piano programs on Pinterest and some other things that you may want to know about.

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