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How To Play Piano By Ear!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
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How To Play Piano By Ear!
“How To Play Piano By Ear” Book, “How to Play By Ear Using Chords” Book, one CD, two DVDs, & 6 Bonus Charts & Aids!
How To Play Piano By Ear!
How To Play Piano By Ear!

You can learn to play piano by ear, even if you don’t know one note form another right now. The art of playing the piano without written music is really just a matter of 3 steps: learning to recreate the musical “shape” of the tune of a song,  learning how to form chords,  and when and where to use them. You will learn how to “chart” a tune so you can pick it out on the keyboard, and you will learn all types of piano chords and how they are used in playing by ear.

You get the book plus the CD plus the

                            — The “Magic Piano Chord Locator” to help you find each chord!

                            — The “Melody Contour Chart” to aid you in recalling tunes

                            — The “Chord Prediction Chart” to help you choose which chord comes next in a song.

How To Play Piano By Ear… Without Written Music! Playing by ear is really a combination of of three factors:

1. Using your tonal memory to recall music you have heard:
2. Using your ears and fingers to help you reproduce what you recall;
3. Using what you are going to learn in this course — “melody contour” (the “shape” of the tune), “chord structure” (how to form the chords on the keyboard to match the tune), and “chord progressions” (the path chords take as they move through a song).

Obviously, the first 2 steps you can take more or less by yourself — you can mentally rehearse recalling a particular tune; you can sit at the piano for hours and through trial and error pick out tunes, chords, and rhythms. But the KEY to all this is what the course is really all about — teaching you how to chart the shape of a tune, learn how to construct chords, and then determine the likelihood of chord progressions — in other words, which chord comes next.

When you get an understanding of step three, you will be in a MUCH better position to understand and profit from steps one and two! In case you’re thinking to yourself right now, “I could never learn to play piano by ear,” let me assure you that your judgment is premature — you CAN learn to play by “ear”. The reason I am so sure about that is because I have learned something most people don’t realize — that playing by “ear” is not entirely what the phrase implies. When you hear someone say, “Oh, I play by ear”, you probably visualize a genius seated at a piano with a magical current of musical electricity running from his ear to his brain and down through his arms and into his fingers, where the current is then transformed into a sea of sound, with waves of rhythm and harmony breaking upon the eardrums of those less-endowed individuals sitting awe-struck nearby.

I hate to disillusion you, but it just isn’t like that! I know, because I’m one of “those people” who can play “like that” and I guarantee you that at one time I was VERY impressed, as perhaps you are now, with pianists who could play by “ear.” I had to learn to use my ear in conjunction with my brain before I could play “by ear”, and you can use exactly the same techniques I used in learning to play — except you have it easy

— I’ve figured it all out and have broken it down into easy steps. “How To Play Piano By Ear” Book, “How to Play By Ear Using Chords” Book, one CD, two DVDs, & 6 Bonus Charts & Aids!

If you need more information, click here: How To Play Piano By Ear

Printable Order Form Here

Phone: 541-664-7052 for orders only — for questions click here:  Answers to your questions

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ALL the Praise & Gospel Piano Video Courses!

Friday, September 23rd, 2016
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Praise & Gospel Piano Video Courses!
FOUR 2-Hour DVD Courses & Song Book Plus a Bonus: “Exciting Piano! 7 Chord Strategies That Can < /br>Revolutionize Your Piano Playing!”
ALL the Praise & Gospel Piano Video Courses & Bonus: "Exciting Piano! 7 Chord Strategies That Can Revolutionize Your Piano Playing!"
ALL the Praise & Gospel Piano Video Courses & Bonus: “Exciting Piano! 7 Chord Strategies That Can Revolutionize Your Piano Playing!”
Item#: PG-05


You get all FOUR 2-Hour DVD Courses & Song Book Covering ALL the songs and ALL the styles!

These DVD piano lessons in Christian music can change your life!

The secrets revealed hold the key to playing praise & worship music and gospel music for piano like you’ve always dreamed. You SEE and HEAR and UNDERSTAND each technique that is taught, because you have the actual songs I am playing right in front of you.

You see the notes as they are written in the song, then you hear me explain how to add chords, fillers, intros, ending, triplets, left-hand bass styles, counter-melodies, echoes, etc. to each song.

You understand the reasoning behind it.

Then you see me demonstrate it – not once, but over and over, fast and slow and close-up, so you can see which fingers play which notes, and when.

You hear the sounds I am making, and you understand, maybe for the first time in your life, that your piano playing can change for the better, can improve dramatically. That you can be that exciting piano player you’ve always wanted to be.

ALL the “Praise & Gospel Piano” Video Courses!


    These videos can change your life. The secrets revealed hold the key to playing gospel piano and praise music like you’ve always dreamed.

     You open up a hymnbook and begin to play.

     But instead of just playing the notes that are written in the book, you suddenly break into tripletized walkups, cascading waterfall runs, chord substitutions, crunches, Luscious full-chorded arpeggios, rhythmic variations and fills galore.

     Yes. It is a dream. A dream that can come true.


     Never before in the history of mankind have we had close-up music DVD’s. Never before have we had the ability to get up close in full color and in real time to actually SEE the workings of the hands and fingers as a master pianist plays arrangements of gospel music songs everybody knows — Christian music that comes to life!

     It works.

     You SEE and HEAR and UNDERSTAND each technique that is taught, because you have the actual book Duane is playing out of right in front of you. You see the notes as they are written in the song, then you hear him explain how to add chords, fillers, intros, ending, triplets, left-hand bass styles, counter-melodies, echoes, etc. to each song. You understand the reasoning behind it. Then you see him demonstrate it — not once, but over and over, fast and slow and close-up, so you can see which fingers play which notes, and when.

     It works for any kind of Christian music — whether you play on a worship team, or play solo piano church music — any kind of Christian gospel music. You can take a piece of Christian sheet music or a hymnbook and turn each song into an exciting arrangement! This is gospel piano playing at it’s best — worship music — praise music — almost any kind of church music except liturgical.

     This is a two-hour DVD where we open a book of songs and go to work learning a wide variety of “praise & gospel” styles on actual praise songs and gospel songs. Response on this video has been absolutely amazing! You get the book of songs, plus 2 solid hours of priceless instruction. You could take lessons for years and years and never learn as much about praise & gospel piano playing as you will learn in 2 hours (of course, you will want to watch it over and over again as you begin to master each technique). This is not about learning songs, but about learning styles that you can then apply to ANY song. The songs we use to teach the styles in this course are: “Amazing Grace”, “Cleanse Me O God”, “O How I Love Jesus”, and “Whispering Hope”. But remember: this is NOT about learning a song or two. This is about learning to apply the styles taught on these songs to thousands of songs!

$297. — You save over $100. !!!  

Plus… you get an exciting bonus:

Bonus: “Exciting Piano! 7 Chord Strategies That Can Revolutionize Your Piano Playing!” A wonderful instructive DVD and booklet containing illustrations of the 7 techniques you’ll learn from the DVD video course.

(All together, this series of four video courses listed above constitute a library of arranging styles you can use to arrange thousands of songs.Each video is two hours long, so when you order all 4 DVD’s in the series, you have eight solid hours of fabulous piano instruction! You can order them individually, but you’re much better off getting the entire set all at once!)

For more info please go to

Printable Order Form Here

Phone: 541-664-7052 for orders only — for questions click here:  Answers to your questions

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How To Dress Up Naked Music On The Piano!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
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How To Dress Up Naked Music On The Piano!
Two Audio CD’s & one 2-hour DVD Video & big loose-leaf binder with printed text
How To Dress Up Naked Music On The Piano!
How To Dress Up Naked Music On The Piano!
Item#: COMBO-39

Do You Know How To

Dress Up Naked Music?

 If you already play the piano and know some piano chords, but

don’t know what to do with them

Duane Shinn - "The man who wrote the book"

I will teach you over 100 things to do with the piano chords you already know….

Your Piano-Playing Dreams Will Come True With…

"How To Dress Up 'Naked Music' On The Piano!"

101 ways to use the piano chords & scales

 you already know!”

     “I just wanted to mention how much your lesson plans have improved my piano playing quality and enjoyment!  I purchased your course, “How to Dress up Naked Music” last April.  On New Years Eve, I had the wonderful opportunity to entertain on a Steinway Grand Piano.  It was a rewarding experience and I am still receiving compliments on my piano playing skills. Two-one break ups, run ups, passing tones, etc.  I have learned so much. I also have evaluated numerous other piano courses and have found yours to still to be the best.  Thanks again.”     Rick Koop, Crosby, MN (email on file)

(Naked piano music is plain old written music without all the fills and thrilling runs and beautiful chords and all that I’m going to show you how to do in my 2-hour DVD) (plus 2 CD’s and a big loose-leaf binder with each technique shown in print…)

Dear Friend:

     Would you daydream with me for a moment? It’s a daydream I used to dream often back when I was taking piano lessons:

You are sitting at the piano surrounded by your family and friends,

playing in a full, lush, style with chords galore and runs and fills flowing

up and down all over the keyboard. Can you see that in your mind’s eye?

     I’ve got great news for you!

     It doesn’t have to be a dream! You can learn to play like that just like I did. It’s not so much a matter of talent as it is of knowing what to do and how to do it. And that knowledge can be acquired. After all, it’s just a matter of taking common chords you already know and twisting them around in unique ways — breaking them up — applying rhythm patterns to them — combining 3 or 4 notes of the scales you already know into logical paths that take you to the next chord progression. It’s not brain surgery and it’s not rocket science — anyone can do it if they take the time to learn certain techniques.

     I’m going to show you over ONE HUNDRED ways to make your piano playing come to life. We’ll take the chords and scales you already know and learn how to make all kinds of wonderful sounds with them — in all different arranging styles.  I am going to show you IN PRINT (in the big 8 1/2” by 11” book that comes with the course) and also in SOUND (in the TWO CD’s  that come with the course) plus you will SEE and HEAR each technique as you watch the fantastic 2-hour DVD video on arranging music on the piano! On it I will carefully demonstrate each technique so you can hear how it sounds as well as SEE what it looks like — you will watch my hands as I play each chord, each run, each style, each technique — in close-ups and in slow motion — so you can understand clearly how you can play it too.

      Would you like to be able to create MOODS at the keyboard? To ignite the emotions of the listener? To EXCITE the listener with exhilarating, arousing, animated music? To create a sense of nostalgia, longing, or sadness with poignant, bittersweet chords & progressions?

     Or play with such zest and gusto that the listener just can’t sit still? Or maybe play with that splendid, royal, radiant touch that makes people stiffen their backbones and look at reality boldly “Winston Churchill” music, as someone has called it.

     You’ll find all of these feelings created through the use of techniques such as…


Here are some of the piano playing styles you will learn:

  • the “orchestral pad” on page 12

  • “suspensions” on page 53

  • “western twang” on page 46

  • “Alberti bass” on page 33

  • “Stride piano” on page 15

  •  “Kansas City style” on page 51

  • “tremelo fired runs” on page 8

  •  “locked hands style” on pg 6

  •  “walk-the-stairs boogie” on page 54

  •  “tripletized walkups” on page 26

  •  “slash chords” on page 50

  •  “The melodrama effect” on page 56

  •  “color tone technique” on page 7

  •  “offset octave-3rds technique” on page 33

  • “harmonizing the melody” on page 32

  •  “music box style” on page 19

  • “left-hand trailer runs” on page 44

  • “walk-the-stairs boogie” on page 55

  •  “the ‘chimes’ effect” on page 18

  • “the ‘Canadian Sunset” bass on page 55

  • “the Western bass” on page 36

  • “the elephant walk bass” on page 54

  • “the lush ‘Garner’ style” on page 49

  • “the upward inversion technique on page 27
  • “the trumpet trio intro & exit” on page 40

  •  “the inside blues move” on page 47

  •  “the walking string bass style” on page 34

  • “the chromatic run technique” on page


  • “8th note straddles” on page 21

  • “the Charlie Brown bass” on page 52

  •  “the parallel 10th walkup” on page 31

  •  “the stride bass” on page 16

  • “hand-over arps technique” on page 17

  • “the ‘Amen’ (plagal cadence) ending” on page 50

  • “the ‘blue note’ technique” on page 36

  • “the camouflage intro technique” on page 21

  • “the deceptive cadence technique” on page 12

  • “the delay-catch up technique” on page 53

  • “the chromatic 3rds passing tones technique” on page 22

  • “the ‘slide in’ ending” on page 50

  • “the cross-hands strong melody technique” on page 35

  • “the 2-1 and 3-1 breakup run” on page 20

  • “the ‘oriental sound’ technique” on page 49

  •  “the drum cadence intro & exit” on page 40

  • “the ‘chimes & bells’ technique on page 19

  • “the chord substitution technique” on page 10

  • “the ‘tripletizing the beat’ technique” on page 40

  • ” the half-step slide technique” on page 11

  • “the ‘Latin sound’ technique” on page 48

  • “the two-handed off-set runs technique” on page 47

  • “the parallel 6th fillers technique” on page 42

  • by mixing a few of these styles together, you can create original styles of your own!



Is it hard?

      Not if you know chords already. If you don’t know chords — don’t take this course yet. Take a course on chords first, such as Chord Piano or All The Chords In The Whole Wide World.

     But if you DO know chords, then all you need to do is learn how to apply those chords in certain ways, and I give you over 100 different ways to use them (see the list above).

     Here’s what one person wrote about the course:

“Words cannot express my joy at having found you. I’m 63 and have been studying piano on and off all my life – even studying with high-priced teachers. Every single one told me they could not teach me how to play from chords. One expressed it was a gift and that either you have it for you don’t.     Well…3 days after receiving your “Naked Music” course, I was able to play from chords. Trying to understand why now at long last…it’s because of your way of teaching. You make it soooo simple. First you explain what to do; then you demonstrate it, then you follow up the demonstration by explaining what you did and how the student can apply it to their written music. Beautiful!

     Can’t tell you how many other books I’ve bought that left me confused. So I love you, love you, love you.And will buy many other of your courses.”

Donna P., Akron, Ohio (letter, Nov 12, 2003)

     And another:


     “I think I may have told you what my husband said when I first started ordering your courses a few years back…he said “Where has Duane been all your life?” I’ve taken off and on from different teachers and in various situations and he always saw how frustrating it was for me to be unable to get exactly the “right” teacher to explain the “neat stuff” to me. It always seemed a secret kept for only the privileged few. That’s for letting me in on many of those fun things to do on the piano.”

Renay Goodman, Colorado Jan. 21st letter

     And another:

Duane, I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to you.  I recently
purchased your course, “How to dress up naked music”.  I can’t
believe the amount I have learned in a few weeks. 
I look forward to the skills I hope to develop as I continue to practice and play over the coming months (and years).  Thanks again!

Rick K., Minnesota (police captain), email May 2, 2007 on file

     And about a zillion others (would you believe a few hundred?):



     After you take the course please write to me and tell me how it has helped you. I personally read every single letter or email that comes in. Thanks.




Yes! Rush me:

Piano Playing Combo #39:

" How To Dress Up "NAKED MUSIC" On The Piano"

101 ways to use the chords & scales you already know!”

Here’s What You Get:  

 Two CD’s 

that explain every single technique in detail! (Many people listen to them in their car while commuting — a great use of otherwise wasted time. Then they put into practice what they learn when they get home — what a great way to relax and learn at the same time!)


Fantastic 2-hour DVD Video

demonstrating & explaining all the techniques!

 & Big Illustrated Instruction Book

Naked music books
Front Cover     Back Cover

showing all the techniques and all the styles in print and music notation!


Book of Practice Songs!

 so you can start using the new techniques immediately!

A Lifetime of Learning for just $147.

Click below to get the entireNaked Music” course — DVD, 2 CD’s, and big book of 101 techniques plus the book of practice songs
all in a big 3-ring binder!

 Click Here To Order Right Now!

It’s totally safe to order — 100% secure — 128 SSL Encryption

Or better yet, call Muriel or Bev right now and we
might be able to get it off to you tomorrow!




Printable Order Form Here

Phone: 541-664-7052 for orders only — for questions click here:  Answers to your questions

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How To Play Chord Piano

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016
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How To Play Chord Piano…a 10-Step Course! Fantastic course with ALL the bonus items!
How To Play Chord Piano…a 10-Step Course!
Fantastic course with DVD, CD, “Chord Piano” book and several bonuses!
How To Play Chord Piano...a 10-Step Course! Fantastic course with ALL the bonus items!
How To Play Chord Piano…a 10-Step Course! Fantastic course with ALL the bonus items!
Item#: COMBO-01
Course Description

Piano for busy adults using piano chords & chord symbols … on close-up DVD video …gets you chording really fast!

I really will teach you to play “chord piano” within the next ten days with both hands, or it won’t cost you a single cent. Piano chords will revolutionize your piano playing, and you’ll LOVE playing with them! Chords such as Dm7, Bb6, Dm9 — and many more. Will you be great after ten days? Of course not — but you’ll be on your way!

I’ve been teaching piano lessons here in the Rogue River Valley of Oregon for over 20 years, and my Keyboard Workshop is known not only locally, but all around the world. If I couldn’t do what I say I can do, I wouldn’t still be around. But I’ll leave that entirely up to you. If you don’t learn to play “chord-style” piano in ten days, just send the course back to me and I’ll give you an immediate refund — no questions asked. I mean it. It’s that good.

Dear Friend:

I really can teach you to play the piano using piano chords & chord symbols such as G7, Dm7, Bb6 and so forth. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either. And you risk nothing, since my chording method is 100% guaranteed.

This is not a bogus claim. I’ve been teaching people to play the piano using chords for over 25 years, and I know what works.

At the end of 10 days you’ll know enough about chords and music to play songs on the piano with both hands – without having to read complicated sheet music — just the tune and the chord symbols such as D7, Em, Cm7 and so on. These chord symbols are the magic key to unlocking the door of exciting piano playing, because once you know them, you can apply them to THOUSANDS OF SONGS!

Piano playing becomes SO much easier when you know what chord to play in the left hand while your right hand plays the melody!

Will you be great in 10 days? Of course not. But you’ll be on your way. Some will go faster, and some will go slower — what else is new? But the point is that you will know chords and you will know how to use them in your favorite songs. 

Here is what you’ll learn in the 10 day “Chord Piano” course:

1. You’re going to be able to play all 12 major piano chords easily and quickly. Some of my students can play them in as little as 3 seconds! (Honest!) 

2. You’re going to be able to pick out a tune with your right hand both “by ear” and by reading notes. (Some people play by ear, and some by sight-reading. You’re going to be able to do both — and knowing piano chords speeds up both.)

3. You will be able to play all minor piano chords, all diminished piano chords, and all augmented piano chords, just by changing each major piano chord slightly. But that’s not all: You will also learn how to form and play 6th chords, minor 6th chords, 7th chords, minor 7th chords, maj7th chords (different than “regular” 7th chords), and even 9th chords! You will be able to do this for the rest of your life just by reading chord symbols such as F7, C6, Gm7, and so forth.

4. You will learn to create a chording rhythm pattern with your left hand, made out of the piano chords you learn, which you can use on a thousand different songs the rest of your life. If you like ragtime, you can use it on The Entertainer, and songs like that. If you like gospel music, you can use it on Amazing Grace, and a thousand other hymns or other Christian music (Actually — any kind of “popular” piano music). If’ you like Country-Western or Contemporary or Pop or whatever, you can apply this “chording bass” pattern to your favorite songs. (The only kind of piano music you shouldn’t use it on is classical). You will learn to do this “swing bass” technique in both 3/4 and 4/4 time (and all the other variations). Then you will learn a left-hand technique called “arpeggios” — where you’ll “stretch out” the chord into a beautiful and full orchestral sound — great for ballads, love songs, certain praise & worship songs, etc.

5. You will learn a wonderful “harmonizing trick” you can do using piano chords. It’s very easy to do, but adds a “duet effect’ to your right hand melodies. (If you sing, or play another instrument, you can apply this technique to that as well!)

6. You will learn how to “fill up the empty spaces” in a song with echoes, fills, and runs — all made out of piano chords. This lesson alone is worth ten times the cost of the piano lessons, as only the very top professionals know how to do this. You’ll learn rapid-fire runs, straddles, fills, melodic echoes, and cascading waterfall runs!

7. You will learn how to arrange a song — put an intro at the start of it, and an ending on the caboose. You can then take a piece of sheet music and play it your way, instead of just playing what’s written.

8. You will learn how to create a fantastic “orchestral pad” in your left hand part that creates a “river of sound” for ballads, love songs, Christian music, regular sheet music and any kind of song needing a “smooth” feel.

By the way, you will not only learn how to do all these things, but you will also understand what you’re doing! In other words, I teach music theory — why piano chords work the way they do — along with the specific skills, so you won’t be doing anything by rote — you’ll understand exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it! 

Whether you take 10 days or ten weeks or ten years is up to you, of course — but the piano chord course comes in 10 dynamite piano lessons that will take you from where you are to where you want to go. You’ll start by learning what music is all about — the 3 parts of music — melody, rhythm, and harmony — and then your learn to read a melody line (if you don’t already know how). Then you’ll learn how piano chords are formed, and how to get a grasp on all 12 major chords — and then learn to change them to minor, diminished, and augmented. 

Then after you know 48 piano chords (12 major chords, 12 minor chords, 12 diminished chords, and 12 augmented chords), you’ll learn to invert them (turn them upside down) so you’ll have 144 chords to work with. But then you’ll learn to add extensions to the basic chords — 6ths, 7ths, major 7ths, 9ths — for those wonderful and exciting sounds that add so much to music. That will give you….oh, about 1000 piano chord possibilities. Piano lessons were never this much fun!

But that’s when the fun just starts! Once you know piano chords, then you will learn how to create exciting rhythm patterns using those chords in a variety of ways — from “swing bass” to “western bass” to “broken chord bass” to……….and each style has many varieties, so there is really no end to the distinctive styles you can come up with to create your own sounds using piano chords! How To Play Chord Piano…a 10-Step Course!

(Duane is the author of over 500 music books, videos, DVD’s, & CD’s. He has taught hundreds of thousands of people worldwide over the past 30 years in person and through his courses. If you don’t know who he is, type “Duane Shinn” into Google search engine and you’ll find some 95,000 references to him.)
For more information go to:  How To Play Chord Piano…In 10 Days!


Printable Order Form Here

Phone: 541-664-7052 for orders only — for questions click here:  Answers to your questions


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Chord Progressions!

Monday, September 19th, 2016
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Chord Progressions & The Riffs & Runs That Flow Out Of Them!
Six Audio CD’s & book of progressions, plus one bonus DVD Video, all in a big binder
Chord Progressions
Chord Progressions
Item#: CPC


Course Description

Chord Progressions for piano playing!

The amazing secret of learning a few

Chord Progressions


 …that occur in thousands of songs, so by learning the progression ONCE, you willautomatically be able to play it — and the riffs and runs that flow out of them — in THOUSANDS of other songs!

     It’s almost like cheating! Other people and other piano players will wonder how in the world you are able to play a song you’ve never played before so well — with all the

Piano Fills and Runs

     …you learned on another song!

divider.gif (1021 bytes)

Dear Piano-Playing Friend:

     Here is a typical chord progression:

C       Am7       Dm7       G7



Chord progressions course on 6 CD's and 1 DVD

  It is commonly referred to as the “We want Cantor!” chord progression, because those are the first 4 chords of a famous song by that name.

But you can use that very samepiano chord progression not only in “We want Cantor”, but also in “Blue Moon”, “Heart & Soul”, “Unchained Melody”, “Ebb Tide”, “Polka Dots & Moonbeams”, “It’s The Talk Of The Town”, and countless other tunes. You can also use the exact same progression in gospel songs such as “He’s Everything To Me”, “I Am Not Worthy”, and many others.

     So if you knew that progression — I mean REALLYknew it — you could playcountless songs, and portions of countless others.

This same piano chord progression also makes an excellent introduction to most ANY song.

And this very same chord progression also makes a great“turnaround” in dead spots in a song, as well as for use between 1st and 2nd verses of a song.

All this from just ONE chord progression!

In this great course I will teach you a DOZEN piano chord progressions, and you will hear me play each chord and explain each progression in detail. You will hear me makeRUNS & FILLS & RIFFS of various kinds out of each progression — runs & riffs & fillers you can use, no matter whether you play gospel music, rhythm & blues, pop, rock, ragtime, jazz, praise & worship, or whatever. The principals are exactly the same no matter what style you play in.

     By learning a few runs & riffs which flow out of each chord progression, you will be actually practicing the “fancy stuff” you can then include in thousands and thousands of songs!

     You will get six CD’s where I demonstrate and explain each chord progression in detail, and show you how to apply it to your kind of music. I’ll show you how to make runs, fills, riffs, breaks — all based on each progression, and by changing the rhythm slightly you can use the SAME NOTES to play any kind of music from gospel to popular to jazz!

     Along with the 6 CD’s, you’ll also get a big book which has 96 pages and shows every note of every chord progression covered in the course. You’ll also get a big multi-color binder to hold your course at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

     And if that we’re enough, I have a special surprise for you: I have a “headless video” DVD for you! We call it a “headless video” because the video camera focuses on my handsclose-up, so you can SEE each progression and SEE each run & riff and the exact fingering that is used. Even if you didn’t have the 6 CD & book course, you could learn a ton from this DVD video alone just by watching — but it’s not available alone at ANY PRICE.You can ONLY get it WITH THE COURSE when you order — but there’s no extra charge for it, so in essence you’re getting it FREE!

 Bonus: “Headless Video DVD”

Chord progressions DVD video


     The cost?

If you could come to my studio in Oregon and I taught you the very same material in person (but don’t buy an airline ticket — I don’t do that anymore), it would take several months of lessons and cost a lot — but it would be well worth it, because you would have the “ammunition” in your mental storehouse that 95% of piano players don’t have, and don’t every know where to get.

Your cost — just a tiny fraction of private lessons — (yet learning by CD with a wonderfully illustrated book showing all the chord progressions is as private as you can get) — and you can listen over and over again — even in your car as you drive — and share this priceless knowledge with other members of your family – is just $197. — total cost — nothing else to buy. And of course you can CHARGE IT to your Visa or MasterCard  if you wish. Just click on the order button below — it’s safe and sound!



PS If you learned just ONE progression well and could use it to embellish hundreds of songs,It would be worth the price of the course. But you get a DOZEN chord progressionsexplained and demonstrated on the 6 CD’s and the big book, to say nothing of the fabulousclose-up “headless video DVD” where you can see clearly all the chords and the runs & riffsthat flow out of them — plus you can watch my fingers as they play.

Music keyboard chord progressions CD

 Chord Progression Course on 6 CD’s & Big Book & Binder Plus Book of Songs To Practice On…

$197. total which includes:

Special Bonus!

“Headless DVD Video” Which Summarizes the Entire Course! (Watch Duane play & illustrate chord progressions & the riffs & runs that flow out of them!)


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Phone: 541-664-7052 for orders only — for questions click here:  Answers to your questions

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