Why can't you send me back issues of the newsletter?

    Because I don't send them in the first place -- I just write them. The sending is done by a piece of software called an "auto-responder". It automatically sends out the email newsletters that I write at pre-ordained intervals. Besides, even if I could send them out again it would take me HOURS to do so. I think you would rather have me spend my time developing new newsletter lessons and new videos, etc. If you accidentally remove your email address from our list by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter (each issue gives you a chance to change your email address or unsubscribe just by clicking the link) I cannot put you back on. You will need to go to http://www.playpiano.com/101-tips/FreeLessons.htm and sign up again. If you do, be sure to keep all your newsletters in a file as they come in, so you don't lose them. Some people use more than one email address just to make sure they receive all the newsletters. I like Gmail myself. If all else fails, I have gathered up the first 39 weeks of the newsletter and put them in an ebook so they will all be in one place -- see http://www.piano-music-lessons.com


Why can't you answer my questions personally?

As I mentioned on the FAQ page I simply cannot answer questions related to the lessons. I’ll be happy to support anyone having technical needs as always, but I just don’t have the time to answer questions related to applying the content of the lessons.

Even if the question is “Duane, should I take this course?” and all I did was type in “yes or no” (which is NOT the length of response you’d be looking for) there simply isn’t enough time to read and respond to 1,000 of them, nor is it a good idea for me to farm it out to someone who might not give accurate answers.

Do the math: If it just took ONE MINUTE to read and respond to an email, it would take me almost 17 hours to answer 1,000.  And that’s nothing but “yes or no” answers. If I spent FIVE MINUTES on each and typed a short paragraph response, it would take over 80 HOURS per week just to answer emails. I just can’t do it.


The type of questions that I am talking about are, “Duane, here's my background in music -- I've played for 13 years and.....or “My cousin Jimmy can sit down and play anything he hears. How can I do that?” or “I want to sound like Billy Joel -- what should I do to sound like him?"  I’m talking about specific questions for specific people.  I just can’t answer them due the volume of members.  

But, after thinking things through, I’ve decided to create a "Duane's Private Students Membership Inner Circle" personal coaching program for about 50 members. I want to keep it small. The price will be something on the order of $100. to $200. per month, with a minimum 12 months commitment. If you are someone who would like some “hand holding” as we make our way through each week’s lesson, then check out the details at Duane's Private Membership Inner Circle.  Stay tuned -- I still have some details to work out, but it's coming soon.

Meanwhile, you can mail a CD or cassette to me with your question and play for me a bit so I can hear for myself where you are musically. Please limit the recording to 5 minutes -- no more. Mail to Duane, Keyboard Workshop, Box 700, Medford, OR 97501.

PS The Membership Program is now available, but the tuition is MUCH lower than $100. to $200. per month! Click here to learn all about it.