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Samples of What You'll Find In Our Piano Courses --

 Like adding chords galore to sheet music for a big sound!

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     The key to mastering any subject is understanding, and piano playing is no exception. Learn the 12 major chords and 3 ways to alter them, and suddenly you have 144 chords at your disposal. Add a 6th or 7th or 9th, and you've exploded to thousands of possible chords! You can then transform any piece of sheet music into a full-blown exciting arrangment!

     Is it hard? Not if you can stack one note on top of another and count to 4! And of course you can use chords on any keyboard -- piano, organ, portable slab keyboard, synthesizer, etc.

     You'll learn chords galore, pop piano styles galore, rhythm patterns galore, how to dress up "naked sheet music", and most of all, you'll LOVE what you're learning because you'll UNDERSTAND MUSIC! These are piano lessons you will absolutely LOVE!

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Improvisation on any keyboard

     Learn how to color without crayons! Make up your own sounds, your own ideas, in your own style. Impossible? Nope. Not if you really master a half-dozen basic steps. In our course on improvisation you will learn to build a motif, develop it, and smooth it. Learn to improvise on any piece of sheet music or song, including Christian music, pop music, standards, jazz, etc.

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And more musical stuff:

     Want to learn how to arrange a song or a piece of sheet music? Apply styles galore to it? Take our course titled "Arranging: Do It On the Spot!"Piano & Keyboard Lessons

     Ever wanted to get down with the blues? You'll absolutely love how easy our course on the "12 Bar Blues" is to get cooking.

     Like runs? We've got a course titled "Runs Galore" that will get you into fillers, tricks, special effects, and of course more runs than you can even imagine!

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And still more music stuff:Piano & Keyboard Lessons

     If you play at church, or want to, or just want to praise the Lord through music, we've got a bunch of great videos and cassette courses to help you. We've got Praise & Gospel courses, year-long gospel piano courses, evangelistic courses -- you name it! Christian music galore!

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And even more music ideas:Piano & Keyboard Lessons

     We've got courses on Chord Substitutions, Turnarounds, Block Chord Styles, Ear Training, Theory & Harmony, How to Solve Your Rhythm Problems, Ragtime, Transposing, Intros & Endings, and even Funny Stuff You Can Do On The Piano!

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And in case you're a beginner:Piano & Keyboard Lessons

     No problem. Even better. We've got a great course on "How to Read Music," "Seven Magic Steps to Speed Sight Reading," "How to Play Chord Piano in Ten Days" -- all of which will get you up & running -- pronto!

   Learn to add chords to sheet music for a big sound!

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