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Piano Learning Keyboard Courses That Can Change Your Life...

     It doesn't matter whether you already play or you don't know Middle C from Tweedle Dee -- you can learn to play the piano -- and play it well! Are you having fun when you play? Do people enjoy listening to you play? Have you considered taking a piano learning keyboard course to learn how to turn yourself into a killer keyboard player?

     Piano learning keyboard courses, conducted by Keyboard Workshops, are held in the comfort of your home. These keyboard courses are totally different than attending a ďmusic store lessonĒ where you listen to a teacher for a half-hour without ever getting into the music YOU want to play.

"Duane's courses have absolutely changed my life. I now have about 45 private students of my own, so every week I earn more than the total cost of the courses I took! I also play weekends at the Harbor, which gives me lots of fun and new friends, as well as an extra $200. per week." Jerry Simon, Miami Beach, Florida

Free piano lessons by email for 39 weeks -- click here! 

With our Piano Learning Keyboard Courses . .
you learn by playing...

     At our piano learning keyboard courses, you learn by playing actual songs, because our workshops are hands-on, individualized training with an emphasis on you and your own personal piano or keyboard skills.

     You may be able to learn to play the piano keyboard from the little old lady who lives down the road, but then again, maybe not. All classes at Keyboard Workshop are taught by Duane Shinn, professional jazz pianist with a Masters Degree in Improvisation, and author of over 500 books, charts, games, videos, CDís and DVDís, all with the aim of getting you playing piano learning keyboard that will leave you bursting with energy, new ideas, and enthusiasm to see your piano playing succeed.

      Visit Keyboard Workshop to learn all about piano learning keyboard courses. Visit the About Us page to learn of Duaneís qualifications. Click on Catalog Courses to learn about all the different courses you can take in jazz, classical, chords, improvisation, and most any other music style you can think of.  Go to the Workshop Agenda page to give you an idea of what will be taught at the piano learning keyboard workshop.

     Piano playing for the thinking adult who wants to understand what they are playing when they play piano music!

     Did you know that music is actually easier for adults than it is for kids -- because of our life experiences -- and so we can actually understand what we are doing when we play -- we don't have to be at the mercy of what someone else has written on a piece of music.

How many of these facts do you know about music & piano playing? Test yourself and then check the answers at the bottom of the page:

  • Did you know that by learning just 3 chords you can play hundreds of songs?

  • Did you know that there are only 12 major keys you can play in, but you only really have to master one key to play most popular songs?

  • Did you know that it is possible to easily match any melody note (tune) to a chord, so you can harmonize any note?

  • Did you know that Beethoven's Fur Elise and the blues song "Summertime" uses the exact same chords for the theme of the song?

  • Did you know that it is quite possible to predict what chord comes next in a song with accuracy approaching 85%?

  • Did you know you can use the same chords to play boogie, blues, new age, gospel, pop, rock, jazz, country - anything except classical music? (And even some classics!)

  • Did you know that by coming in through the backdoor of piano playing -- chords -- you can start making wonderful and satisfying sounds on the piano in just a few days instead of a few years -- even if you don't know Middle C from Tweedle Dee?

  • Did you know there is a guy up in Oregon who will teach you all this stuff by mailing you CD's and DVD's along with whatever printed material is necessary?

  • And did you know that if you believe NONE of the above, you can still sign up for a free 39 week email newsletter on "Piano Chords And Chord Progressions!" so you can see for yourself that everything above is true?    

  • Free piano lessons by email for 39 weeks -- click here! 

      Answers to piano playing music questions:

  • True. That's because there are just 3 primary chords in any key -- like family members: Mom, Dad, Child. Get to know those 3 and you've got it.

  • True. It's like languages. It's great to be able to speak several, but you can get by with just one. I'd love to speak other languages, but I can get by with just English.

  • True. Every note is part of several different chords. So it is easy to harmonize any song once you know the secret.

  • True. Yep. They both use the A minor chord and the E7 chord in their themes. (Click here  and hear me prove it.)

  • True. I know that's hard to believe, but remember that music is based on math. Once you understand a thing called the "Circle of 4ths" it's a piece of cake. In fact, I can tell you right now that 85% of the time the G chord comes directly after the D7 chord. So next time you run into the D7 chord, you have an educated guess of 85% that the next chord will be some form of the G chord. (G, G7 etc.) If you're into amazing your friends, that'll do it!

  • True. Apply different rhythms to the same chords, and you have many styles of music! With the very same chords I can play boogie, jazz, rock, pop, gospel, new age, ragtime.

  • True. Make me prove it by clicking here.

  • True. He's been teaching intelligent piano playing since he was 25, and you may be able to tell by the photo that he's not 25 anymore. He's been around the block and it shows. His courses don't screw around with silly drills. He teaches understanding.

  • True. OK, you skeptic. Click here to sign up for your free 39 week email course online and prove it to yourself. It's free. Should you not like it (GASP! -- that's hard to imagine!) you can unsubscribe anytime. And for those who believe -- you should sign up too.

     "Before I studied with Duane's Piano Learning Keyboard Workshop I was tied to the printed music. I could read music, but take it away from me, and I was lost. Duane explained the structure of music to me and a lightbulb came on in my mind. Now I understand what I am doing and what chords are being used, and what rhythm to apply. My wife says I'm not near as grumpy now that I'm enjoying my piano music so much." Terry, Roseville, CA


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