"One-Dozen Right Hand

Right hand

Piano Arranging Techniques on CD"



     Piano styles can be created using either or both hands. Left-hand styles are covered in     another course, but this course specializes in techniques to make your right hand part sound fuller and more interesting.

     Here are one-dozen arranging techniques for your right hand:

  1. Melodrama-melody;
  2. off-beat arps;
  3. cross-hands;
  4. reversed register;
  5. stuffed octaves;
  6. color-tone under-notes;
  7. octave-6ths;
  8. chord notes under-notes;
  9. octave-3rds;
  10. double your pleasure double your fun;
  11. who's on 3rd?;
  12. 3rds on their head.


"Right Hand Piano Arranging Techniques"


"Right Hand Piano Arranging Techniques"

Instructional Audio CD & Right-Hand Style Sheet


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