"The Secret of Playing For Praise & Worship

Without Written Music"

(Using Chord Symbols & Words Only)

      I took a phone call from a very nice lady recently who said "I know chords and I know how to read music, but it doesn't do me much good because I play in a church where they don't use any written music -- just a sheet with the words and the chord symbols on it. I don't know what to do."

     She's not alone. There are thousands of churches like that -- including mine --and unless you know what to do with the chords you know, you just sit there, feeling helpless.

     That's what this course is for. It's an extremely specialized course designed specifically for the person who plays in a church like this -- or wants to.

     We start out by making sure you know chords and chord families, and what the most likely chords in any song are. Then we demonstrate how to position those chords on the keyboard and apply the various rhythmic styles that are appropriate to a given song, or a given worship style.


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"The Secret of Playing For Praise & Worship Without Written Music

(Using Chord Symbols & Words Only)"

DVD & Lead Sheet Booklet


"I have several of your video courses -- I am now on "Secrets of Playing for Praise & Worship Without Written Music". I am enjoying the video. I play it for 2-3 minutes then spend the next 2-3 weeks learning what you are teaching -- it's so chock full of  good stuff!" Maureen N., Bellflower, CA (Note: The course is now on DVD, not VHS video.)



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