I want to teach you to make hymns & gospel songs come alive through "Evangelistic Embellishments!"

Please let me tell you about my exciting 40-lesson course!

Dear Friend:

     When I was a teenager learning to play the piano, I would hear people like Rudy Atwood play on the radio, and I would say to myself "I would give anything if I could play like that!"

     And I meant it.

     I devoted the next 20 year of my life learning to "play like that". I learn some from one teacher, some from another, some while I was in college at Biola and Azusa College, but most of it I worked out by myself.

     I would listen to records of people like Kurt Kaiser, Dino, Ted Smtih, Bill Gaither, etc -- over and over and over and over again, stopping the record here to try a run, then another place to try a chord or an intro or a fill or an ending.

     It worked.

     Now I can play "like that." But more than that, I have carefully analyzed the style of every leading gospel pianist, and so I can teach you what they are doing.

     That's why I'm so excited about the course you see below. It took me two years to write and record, but it's really the product of 30 years of listening, experimenting, and analyzing gospel music.

     The course has 40 lessons -- each lesson covering a different part of "evangelistic piano playing."  For example, in Lesson One you'll learn how to replace the written bass part with a much fuller chord bass. In lesson two you learn to add octaves to the right hand melody line, as well as learning about "scale ladders".

     That's another neat thing about this course -- it teaches you music theory and harmony as you go along, so you'll understand WHY you're playing what you're playing. That's not only nice, but is absolutely necessary if you're going to be a top pianist -- after all, you play piano with your brain, not with your fingers. Fingers are just the tools to accomplish what your brain decides to play.

Here are some of the chapter titles:

  • Turning your left hand into a rhythm machine (Here we learn how to "chord" using "At Calvary" as an example.

  • Chord patterns

  • Fill 'er up (how to create fills in hymns and gospel songs)

  • Fingering it out (which fingers to use where -- and why)

  • Roots & fifths -- learning alternating bass styles on "What a Friend We Have In Jesus"

  • Keys and runs -- Putting runs in gospel songs such as "My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less"

  • Minor chords and minor keys -- learning to arrange songs such as "Go Down Moses", "We Three Kings", etc.

  • Diminished chords as transitions -- "Tell Me The Old Old Story" is our model here...

  • 6ths chords as "brighteners" -- We use them in "We've a Story To Tell To The Nations"

  • Major 7th chords -- Using "Rock of Ages", we learn to use these interesting "mood chords"

  • Improvising on hymns -- creating new melodies that wrap around the original tune

  • Modulating at the piano -- learn to move from key to key with ease

  • Raindrop chords -- broken chords that fall like raindrops into your song...

     We can't list all 40 lessons here, but these are just a sample of what is in store for you in this course.

Learn to play old-fashioned

"Evangelistic Piano!"

Evangelistic Embellishments CD

     A  Complete 40 Lesson Course in "Evangelistic Piano!"

     If you enjoy playing hymns and gospel songs in the "old fashioned" way, this is your chance to learn how to play in the full, exciting style you have heard, but never have known how to reproduce. Beginning with the basic four-part harmony of the hymnal, each lesson progressively develops the concepts of evangelistic playing by means of  chords, runs, chord substitutions, rhythm development, etc. You learn how to arrange a hymn from start to finish using these techniques. And we use the old, familiar hymns such as...

"Trust & Obey", What a Friend We Have In Jesus", "Bringing In The Sheaves", "Tell Me The Old, Old Story", "Rock Of Ages", "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God", "Tell It To Jesus", "We've a Story To Tell To The Nations", etc.

     Have you ever wanted to be able to "run" up and down the keyboard? Several of the lessons deal specifically with this technique, and the variety of ways it is accomplished. Learn to play right hand octave runs, left hand octave runs, broken chord runs, 7th runs, minor 7th runs, and so on. Learn where and when to begin a run and where and when to end a run. Learn how to add those rich, modern sounding chords to your hymns. Learn to use passing tones and double octaves and block chords to create a big, exciting sound! You get 40 printed lessons in a big binder, plus an "Organ Supplement"  that shows how to apply these techniques to the organ, plus 6 CD's that demonstrate each technique and song in detail!

  • EE-1: 40 Lesson Course in "Evangelistic Piano Playing" with:

  • 6 audio CD's

  • 40 printed lessons in a big binder

How to play hymns and gospel songs --  40 lessons

  • Bonus "Organ Supplement"

  • Bonus DVD video (so you can see) titled

  • "How To Super-Charge The Hymns You Play Every Sunday!"

$297. Total for Everything!



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