Make Your Fortune Doing What You Love Best -- Music!









I'll show you 3 ways to do it.



















Millions of people want to play music like you...



























I started with just one student...and now have taught hundreds of thousands over the years through books, tapes, videos, CD's, chord charts, musical games, DVD's, and now MP3...


...and whatever the next technology is, I'll be there...

how about you?
























Start your own "one person music school!"














Then create a chart or a CD or a booklet or a DVD...teaching people what you know about music...
























Mail order can catapult your business into national recognition...













The power of press releases can spread your teaching methods all over the world...











See your music product in magazines, mail order catalogs, newspapers, and on the internet...









I sell my music courses all over the world...and so can you...















You could do it without taking my courses showing you how, but why?

My DVD courses can save you YEARS of trial and error...
























SEE how to do it by someone who has actually done it...$239. is a drop in the bucket compared to your earning potential...

How To Earn a Six-Figure Income...with this proven, easy to use system that will eliminate your frustration, I guarantee that you will learn...

"3 Ways To Create a Massive Piano Teaching Income"

"3 Time Tested, Proven Ways To Turn Your Musical Skills Into An Amazing Income Steam Teaching Music In Your Underwear!"

     --Learn step by step exactly how to turn your musical talents into a full-time income saving yourself years of trial and error.

Click here for a message from Duane.

Duane Shinn.

Dear Musician,

It doesn't matter what instrument you play. Somewhere there is a hungry market for your skill. You just need to find that market and give them what they are looking for...your skill.

Do you play guitar? There are about 19 zillion people in the world wishing they could "play like you."

Do you play piano? Another gazillion folks are waiting for you to teach them what you know and can play.

But what if you play the sax or flute or trumpet or drums or are a singer?

It doesn't matter...millions of people want to play music!

Maybe there won't be lots of people in your home town who want to play your instrument, but get out into the mail order market and you'll discover more than you ever thought. Get out into the internet, and there's virtually no limit -- people who want to learn your instrument are coming online faster than you could possibly imagine -- music-hungry people from all over the world...China, Peru, France, Canada....on and on. It's absolutely astounding -- something like 100,000 people per day get online for the first time -- and many of them are looking for what you have to offer!

But don't start there. Start with your own...

"Your-Name Music School"

...where you create your own instructional material to teach a few students.

Then add your own:

"Your-Name Mail Order School"

Use your newly created instructional material to teach "long distance" to a vast student body.

When that's going, then add:

"Your-Name World-Wide-Web School"

"Duane, That would be great, but how do I get started?"

I'm glad you asked, because you came to the right place to find out how.

I've done all 3 -- starting with teaching just one student, I now have taught hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. And starting with one little 8-page manual on the subject of reading music, I now have close to a thousand instructional books, cassettes, charts, and videos -- all designed to help people play the piano better and understand music better.

I started out as a "One-man music school"; later added a "One man music mail order school"; and then about 5 years ago added a "One-man world-wide-web music school". (You can go see it right now if you want to at

Let me show you step by step how it's done. Sure, you can do it on your own, but why "re-invent the wheel" when it is available to you? It's true that experience is the best teacher, but it doesn't have to be your experience -- I've already made the mistakes you can avoid by learning from someone who has actually done it.

I have developed a 3-part course that starts right at the beginning -- showing you how to get and keep students -- what to teach them -- what materials to use -- what to charge (HINT: most all music teachers make a HUGE mistake right here that keeps them earning pocket money when they could be earning.....well, you'll see).

 The 3 parts of the course are:

  1. "Turn Yourself Into a One-man or One-woman Music School"

Learn how to get students, to keep students, what to charge, what to teach. You get a big packet of teaching books and promotional materials at no extra charge to get you started!  (*Clothes required here.)

2. "Then Turn Your Music School Into a ' Music Mail Order School'"

Here's where you can start teaching in your underwear. You operate your own mail order business out of your home teaching by cassettes, videos, CD's, DVD's, and of course your own music instructional books and materials. I've done it for 30 years now, and I show you exactly how to get started and make a go of it. (*Clothes required when you pick up orders at the PO and deposit your checks at the bank.)

3. "And Then Turn It Into a World-Wide-Web Music School"

Your own web site is the next logical step once you have your mail order business going, and underwear is the preferred clothing, except of course when you take your orders to the Post Office and your checks to the bank. If you do it right -- and I'll show you how to do that -- your business can literally EXPLODE, since millions of people will be seeing your web site. There's a medical doctor in Canada that has put together a program that makes it easy for a beginner to set up a web site and get it promoted all over the internet, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, either. I'll tell you all about it on the video tape and how you can get started quickly. (*Clothes only required if you use video on your site!)

Click here to hear Duane tell about the course!

Read about all 3 parts of the course below, then do yourself a huge favor and order ALL of them -- you'll save yourself YEARS of trial-and-error!

Thanks and blessings,

Duane Shinn

"The Triple-Threat Proven Way To Turn Your Piano-Playing Talents into An Excellent Income!"

"The One-Person Music School"

There are lots of unproven ways to make huge amounts of money in music. You could write a hit song -- you could be discovered and become a big star -- and I hope you do all those things. But those are dreams, and while dreams sometimes come true -- meanwhile -- in the real world -- while you're waiting for one of those dreams -- wouldn't it be nice to earn a steady, excellent income in the music field?

I've done it for years. Lots of years. Proven it. In fact, I have raised a family and put 4 kids through college and paid for 4 weddings etc, etc... all through teaching piano! Sometimes when people ask what I do and I tell them I am a piano teacher, they get a blank stare on their face as it to say

"How in the world can you make the living you do teaching piano? That's impossible!

No, it's not.

It's just that most everybody that tries it does it wrong. A few of us have done it right, and like any good seed that you plant, the result has been very fruitful.

I'd like to teach you to do it right. Right from the start.

I'll teach you how to have students coming out your ears within a short period. I'll teach you how to actually teach them all the skills of piano playing so they will really learn -- sight-reading, theory, chords, styling techniques, arranging, improvisation -- everything a piano player should know and be able to do. I'll show you how to teach hand position, pedaling, practice techniques, and I'll show you what books to use in each area -- in fact, I'll enclose a packet of piano teaching books at no extra charge -- books you can actually teach from it you choose to. I'll show you how much to charge, and how to completely eliminate cancellations and make ups.

This is a two-hour video where you will actually see everything that I teach -- from teaching techniques to marketing and advertising secrets.

This video is absolutely indispensable if you want to earn income teaching piano (or other keyboards), but it is also great for those who want to teach their own kids (or grandkids) at home, because it shows exactly how to do it right by someone who has done it right for a whole bunch of years!

A one-of-a-kind video available nowhere else!

"The Proven Way To Turn Your  Piano-Playing Talents into An Excellent Income!"

Volume One: "The One-Person Music School"
2-Hour Video & Packet Of Piano Teaching Books $97.

"How To Explode Your Music Teaching Income By Teaching "Long Distance" by Mail Order Using Your Own Books, Tapes, Videos, & Charts"

bullet2.gif (601 bytes)

"The Music Mail Order School"

This is another 2-hour video which picks up where the first one (see above) leaves off. For years I taught students in person, as most all teachers do, and made an excellent living doing it.

Then I discovered a way to "multiply myself" so I could teach many people at the same time instead of just one. Some people call it "mail order", but I just call it great! By printing my lessons & recording them on cassette tape or video, I could not only reach a lot more people, but I could teach anywhere -- and I do. Farmers in Montana, Doctors in Florida, CPA's in Washington, Barbers in Texas, Housewives in Kentucky -- you name it. Instead of having 100 students, you can have thousands!

I will show you how to turn your personal teaching into books, charts, games, cassettes, videos, and more. Then I'll show you how to market them through mail order catalogs, classified ads, free write-ups, etc.

It's not near as hard as you might think -- I've been doing it for almost 30 years now, and have sold hundreds of thousands of books, cassettes, videos, chord charts, etc. There's no reason at all why you can't do it too!

Included with this video is a printed course I wrote a few years back titled "How to Create Your Own Product & Earn a Fortune Marking It!" This course ALONE  is worth $100. or more!

"The Proven Way To Turn Your Piano-Playing Talents into An Excellent Income!"

Volume Two: "How To Explode Your Music Teaching Income By Teaching By Mail Order!"
2-Hour Video & Fantastic Printed Course $97.

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"How To Go World-Wide With Your Own Web Site  on the Internet's Super Information Highway!"

"The World-Wide-Web Music School"

Click Here for a message from Duane.

Once you have your teaching business in place, and have created  some lessons of your own on video or books or charts or cassettes and have learned to market them by mail order, it is time to explode your teaching business even more by creating your own web site and making your teaching available to people all over the world!

In this great video (the only one of it's kind in the world as far as I know!) I show you step by step how I created the web site you are looking at right now. The camera looks over my shoulder as I demonstrate how to get your own domain name ( ) and then how to create a web site, and then how to promote it.  It's not difficult anymore -- it used to be -- but now there are several ways to do it without having to know much at all about computers or the internet.

I show you exactly how I built my site and how I get people to come to it. You know I know how to do that, since you are reading this as a result of what I have done. So I'll show you how to do the same on this 2-hour video as the camera looks over my shoulder at my computer screen.

You can even teach online if you want -- I don't choose to do that, but a friend of mine does, and it works well for him.

And now we have computer discs and CD's and DVD's and interactive media of various sorts -- all of which can contain your music ideas and lessons --  and who knows what will develop in the next few years. The musician that starts now and begins to get into this media -- the super information highway -- will have a giant head start on others.

(The fact that you are reading this right now on the WWW shows that it can be done! Is there any reason why you can't do it too?)

"The Proven Way To Turn Your Piano-Playing Talents into An Excellent Income!"

Volume Three: "How To Go World-Wide With Your Own Web Site  on the Internet's Super Information Highway!"

I want you to understand something...

This 3 part program isn't available anywhere else.

What I'm offering you today is the opportunity to make money doing what you love. Think about that for a second, How much is that worth to you?

Can you even put a price tag on that?

My goal is to help you transform your passion into a money making business, so heres what I'm going to offer you.

  • If you order right now, I'll throw in a terrific e-book that shows you how to get customers galore by linking to other music web-sites. I've done it myself, and it works!

Free bonus #1
"Gorilla website marketing -- The Secrets To Getting Millions of Hits!".

Free Bonus #2
when you purchase all 3 together, I'll give you a $50 discount off the entire package.

in total the bonus package consists of a $50 discount and  the wonderful  e-book shown above, you can view it on your computer, or print it right out from your printer to read at your leisure.

So If you're really serious about making money teaching music then this package is a must have. What I'm offering you is the result of years of trial and error. Its my most powerful work.

This program was designed specifically for getting you quick results.

you could purchase each of these items separately but then you'd end up giving me $50 more. (why do that?)

Save yourself the frustration of trial and error...

I Want The Opportunity To Help You Succeed With Your Online Business And I Don't Want Money To Stand In The Way.

Now, this type of high quality, money making information isn’t easy to come by. But if you could find someone to teach it to you directly, you can plan on paying them at least $2000 or more for that information and its not even going to come close to what my 3 part package is going to do for you.

However, I'm not going to charge you $2,000.

Relax, I'm Not Even Going To Ask You For $800, Even Though at that price It Would Be A Great Bargain!

I really love giving people a great deal.. So, i'm offering this hard to get information now for a limited time only for $239.

Think about it, you're not going to find a better deal anywhere. This information is going to give you the tools to make more than 10 times that a week!

If you have any interest at all in getting a copy of this course I cannot urge you enough to just go right now and order.

Why? For two reasons...

1. I fully expect a fast sell-out of the initial product I have created for this highly in-demand course.

2. There’s a very good chance that the “2nd batch” of this course will not contain everything that’s found in the “1st batch” group of courses.


After I went over the initial batch, I realized something...

Two of the courses contain a few strategies that I'm almost regretting including. Now it’s not that I don’t want you to learn these techniques and go and profit from using them, it’s just that, in this case, these strategies happen to be ones that I honestly don’t want “everyone” learning and using – as they can and most likely will have an impact on others that will use it. (Including me)

So... if you have any interest in picking up your own copy of this package, you really need to order now. Once the initial 1 batch of inventory runs out, everyone else will have to wait a few weeks until a 2nd batch of product is produced and back in stock.

Or order using PayPal:


Duane Shinn

P.S. Imagine how excited  you're going to be when you're finally doing something you love and making a great steady living doing it. Your dreams can come true. I know.



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