"Left-Hand Bass Styles For Pop Piano"


     "So what do I do with my left hand?" -- that's a question I hear a lot.  So here is a course which shows a dozen different styles you can adapt to your left hand (bass part) while playing various types of pop music. Each style is shown in the key of C, F, and G, but can be adapted to any key. The 12 left hand styles taught are:

Music book


1. Swing Bass;
2. Continuity     Bass;
3. Upward Inversions;
4. Pyramid Style;
5. String Bass Style;
6. Arpeggio Style;

7. 8th Note Arps;
8. Boogie Bass;
9. Rock Bass;
10. Western Bass;
11. Elephant Trot Bass;
12. Broken Chord Bass.


 If you have been looking for a way to make your left hand more exciting, this is the answer to your needs!


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"Left-Hand Bass Styles For Pop Piano"

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"Left-Hand Bass Styles For Pop Piano"



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