Intervals -- the distance between music notes 


     An interval is the distance between any two notes. When you hear a melody, can you hear what intervals are being used? Do you know when a singer is moving up a minor 6th, or down a perfect 4th? You can in time -- and this audio CD drills you on intervals from unisons to octaves. You'll learn the difference between consonant and dissonant intervals, major, minor, and perfect intervals, and how they invert.

     Here are the intervals you will learn to recognize when you hear them:

  • 2nds
  • Minor 2nds
  • 3rds
  • Minor 3rds
  • Perfect 4ths
  • Augmented 4ths
  • Perfect 5ths
  • Diminished 5ths
  • 6ths
  • Minor 6ths
  • 7ths
  • Minor 7ths
  • Octaves

     On this CD we will drill on hearing each interval and identifying it.

"Intervals: The Key To BIG Ears!"



"Intervals: The Key to Big Ears!"

Audio CD & Summary Sheet $39.

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