"Color Tones"


Musical color tones

     "Get a color tone in every chord!" was the advice I received years ago from Hollywood's top piano teacher. I can still hear his words, and I've tried to live up to his admonition. Styles change over the years, and you may not choose to use color tones in every chord -- I don't anymore -- but that's my free choice. I can include them or leave them out, as the situation warrants. Want to come with me on a musical tour and find out what color tones are and how to use them? Join company with some of the worlds greatest piano players!

     Color tones are notes that add "color" or interest to your piano playing. They can imply bittersweet emotions, passion, sorrow, ecstatic joy -- whatever feeling you want to put into a particular chord to illustrate the mood of the song.

     Color tones are tones that are not normally in a given chord. For example, we all know that the G chord consists of G, B, and D. If I add an "A" to the G chord, then "A" is a color tone. If I add an "F#" to the G chord, then "F#" is a color tone. Easy enough. But knowing how and where and why to add these extra notes is the subject of this CD.


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Color Tones: "How To Add Color Tones To Your Chords!"