"Chord Progressions & The Riffs & Runs That Flow Out Of Them!"

Chord progressions

Hands on piano keyboard 

     Here is a chord progression:

           I     VI     II      V7

     It is commonly referred to as the "Blue Moon Progression", because those are the first 4 chords of the song by that name. But you can use that chord progression not only in "Blue Moon", but also in "Heart & Soul", "Polka Dots & Moonbeams", "It's the Talk of the Town", and hundreds (if not thousands) of other pop tunes. You can also use the exact same progression in the gospel song "He's Everything To Me", "I Am Not Worthy", and many others.

     So if you knew the progression..I mean really knew it -- you could play countless songs, and portions of countless others!

     This same chord progression also makes an excellent intro to most any song. This same chord progression also makes a great "turnaround" in dead spots in a song, as well as for use between verses. All of this from just one chord progression!

     In this 6-cassette course I will teach you a DOZEN chord progressions, and you will hear me play each chord and explain each progression in detail. You will hear me make RUNS & RIFFS out of each progression -- runs & riffs you can use, no matter whether you play gospel, R & B, pop rag, jazz, or whatever. By learning a few runs & riffs which flow out of each chord progression, you will actually be practicing the "fancy stuff" you can then include in thousands & thousands of songs!

     You will get six cassettes where I demonstrate & explain each chord progression in detail, and you'll also get a big book which has 96 pages of progressions and show every note of every chord progression covered in the course. You'll also get a big 2-color binder to hold it all!

     If you could come to my studio and I taught you the very same material in person, it would take several months and cost  thousands of dollars. But it would be well worth it, because you would have the "ammunition" in your mental storehouse that 95% of piano players don't have!

     Now you can save the thousands it would cost and take the same program at home for a tiny portion of it's true value!

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"Chord Progressions & The Riffs & Runs That Flow Out Of Them!"

 Chord Progression Course on 6 Cassettes & Big Book & Bonus Binder $299.95.


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