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Master 144 chords for .14 cents per chord!

     I was totally amazed when I learned how easy it was to understand music and improvise once I learned chords and how to use them in a powerful way! Before knowing chords I struggled to read the sheet music, and even then my playing sounded hollow and empty -- nothing like the big, full sound I was hearing from Garner, Shearing, Peterson, Brubeck -- or any of the piano players I listened to and saw on TV.

     Then I spotted a little ad in a magazine -- I think it was Popular Mechanics -- for a chord chart that promised to teach me the 3 most important chords. I sent off for it and when I received it I spent the next 2 hours learning just 3 chords. But by learning just those 3 chords in my left hand, I was able to play "Frankie & Johnnie" with both hands without any music -- the first time in my life I had ever played without written music!

     I was so excited at my newfound freedom that I decided then and there that I would learn all there is to know about chords, and over the course of the next several years I did just that -- in private lessons, in college, books, and whatever else I could get my hands on.

     I discovered that some chords are much more important than others, and some chords have the power to create moods. I learned that 7th chords, for example, when postioned a certain way on the keyboard create a "bluesy" sound. I learned that sus7 chords create a feeling of "floating", or suspension. I learned that maj7th chords create a sensual sound. I learned that flat 9th chords create a "pregnant" sound -- like they want to be "delivered". I leaned about chords that create playful moods, and others that create somber feelings.

     Now I would like to share what I have learned about "power chords" with you. My findings will be published in a series of E-books. Here is the first one -- ready and waiting for you:

Power piano chords e-book

Power Piano Chords Volume One:

"The 144 Foundational Chords"

Like a skyscraper needs a firm foundation to build on, "power chords" need a foundation too! You MUST learn the 12 dozen foundational chords and know them forward and backward and upside down before you try to play power chords, or your piano playing -- like a skyscraper build on sand -- will come tumbling down.

Here is what you will learn in Volume One of  "Power Piano Chords!":

    • The 3 most important chords you will ever learn

    • Flying over "Chordland" -- 48 basic chords times 3

    • All 12 major chords, grouped in 3's to make them easy to learn

    • All 12 minor chords, formed by changing just 1 note of a major chord

    • All 12 augmented chords, formed by changing just 1 note of a major chord

    • All 12 diminished chords, formed by changing 2 notes of a major chord

    • Inversions: how to stand a chord on it's head to create a new sound

    Cost too much?

    Let's see. You learn 144 chords for less than twenty bucks. That figures out to about .14 cents per chord. If that takes food off your table, don't do it.

    Already know all 144 chords?

    Then you don't need it. But are you SURE that you're SURE that you do?

    "I can get this free in your newsletter"

    Right. You can. This E-book includes the first 7 newsletters in the series "Piano Chords & Chord Progressions" e-mail newsletter. But this way you can keep all the material in one place so you know where it is, and you can print it out if you want to. If that's not worth $19.95 to you, then pass it up.

    Order "Power Piano Chords"

    P.S.:  Remember that you get: 1. The "3-Most Used Chords In Any Key"; 2. "Flying Over Chordland Before We Land: "48 Chords Times 3"; 3. "All The 12 Major Chords"; 4. "All The 12 Minor Chords"; 5. "All The 12 Augmented Chords"; 6. "All The 12 Diminished Chords"; 7. "Inversions: Chords On Their Heads".


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