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     If you want to play the piano, or play it better, here are some ways you can sample to get a feel for our courses. They will give you an idea how Keyboard Workshop works, and the benefits of taking our DVD lessons and CD piano lessons. You'll learn the importance of chords and all the various ways you can use them in your piano playing.
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A Five Dollar Piano Chord Chart That Can Change Your Life!
"Most-Used Chords In The Key of C"

Piano chord chart

A chord chart just like this changed my life when I was about 14. It showed me the most-used chords in the key of C. After I had learned them in C, it was a piece of cake to transfer what I knew to other keys. Before long, I was playing in most all the keys -- major and minor -- because once you know the principle of "the family of chords" it's easy to learn the rest. You just find out which chords are the "fam", which chords are the "cousins", and which chords are the "neighbors".

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Music on treble clef

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Get " Secrets of Exciting Chords and Chord Progressions!" by E-mail every single week for 101 weeks! A $500. value -- FREE!

    We'll be delighted to share some free tips on how you can improve your piano playing using chords and chord progressions  with you every single week for the next 101 weeks by E-mail. No cost or obligation, and you can say "stop" anytime you want! You'll learn chords, progressions, music theory and all kinds of fun stuff. It is a free weekly newsletter that not only has full HTML graphics, but sound as well. You can HEAR Duane play and explain while you read the E-mail newsletter. Worth at least $500. (even if you figure one issue at $5. -- but you'll never find that complete a lesson for 5 bucks!), but yours free!

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  If you wandered onto this page accidentally...but like what you see...and if you are not receiving this free newsletter already, then please sign up here for "Exciting Piano Chords & Chord Progressions!" e-mail newsletter.



     Sorry -- offer only good in US and Canada and English speaking countries. Thanks.

3 Sign up for our Monthly  Mailings!  Learn about new courses!

    About 4 times a year we mail a special offer to an elite group of piano players who have one thing in common -- they want to get better fast! If you are in that group and want to improve rapidly and keep up with the latest developments in piano playing, sign up right here!

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4 Order Our FREE PDF piano Catalog!

" Amazing Secrets of Exciting Piano Playing"  with over 300 DVD's and CD's and printed material including sheet music that reveal the secrets of exciting piano playing using chords galore!

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"Thank you for your great instructional videos. Your "How To Play Chord Piano" taught me more than a ton of books could!" (from Tony in Yonkers, NY 10701)

Can you learn to play chord piano? Take the free test to find out! Click here.

"The 'Secret of Playing for Praise and Worship' video is just what I needed. This video means a lot to me. I want the "Dressing Up Naked Music" video now. Your videos are tremendous." (from Roxana in Ava, Ill. 62907)

"I learned more in one video than I had in years of  piano lessons."
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