The 3 Secrets of Exciting Chord Substitutions!


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Dear Piano-playing friend:

     Have you ever drooled over a chord -- a chord you didn't expect -- a chord that almost took your breath away? You thought you knew what chord was coming, but instead, you hear this exciting substitute chord. What are chord substitutions and how do you make them? You'll learn the three methods of creating chord substitutions that will keep you busy creating exciting and surprising sounds for a lifetime! 

     There are 3 exciting ways to create fresh chord sounds for your songs. Once you learn these 3 ways you'll never be at a loss to know how to create great chord substitutions, and for the rest of your life you can come up with original arrangements of your songs.

     These 3 basic methods are:

  • A simple question you ask yourself: "Into what other chord will this note fit?" I will demonstrate this easy technique many times on the DVD so you can SEE how easy it is to come up with fresh chord sounds.
  • The "Half-Step Slide". This technique creates all kinds of new chords that you can use over and over again on song after song.
  • The "Exchange a Minor 7th Chord For Any Dominant 7th Chord" technique. This makes your playing sound more mellow and gives it more variety.

     You'll see each technique demonstrated on the video so you can see and understand exactly how to do it.

     Fabulous course! Don't miss it!

     I look forward to sharing these 3 secrets with you.


"The 3 Secrets Of Chord Substitutions!"

     You get the instructional DVD video so you can SEE it done, plus the audio CD so you can HEAR and
think about the 3 principles and their applications when you are in your car, around the house, etc.
Includes a Summary Sheet On
"The 3 Secrets Of Chord Substitutions!"

Just $67. total for everything!

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