"Pro Piano Playing Secrets!"
Learn the secrets of professional pianists -- how they voice chords in 4ths, make "blue notes", construct those "jazz chords", create those "waterfall runs"...
and lots more...

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" A concentrated 36 month course in the

piano playing secrets of the pros!"

"I ordered your Pro-Secrets and have been working with them for about 9 months.  They are absolutely great! I have been playing since age 5 (I am now in my 50ís). I have a degree in Music and have taught piano for 20 years.  When I started playing I learned to play by ear.  Then, all the music education drummed that out of my head.  Your tapes have taken me back to the real joy of playing that I had as a child, and I especially love the process of creating that you take us through.  Thanks so much for the joy of Music!!"


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A Three Year Piano Playing Course on

"Secrets of the Pros"

On 36 audio CD's!

"Pro Piano Playing Secrets!"


     Duane has put 36 "piano playing secrets of the pros" into 36 one-hour audio CD's. He explains each technique, then DRILLS you for a solid hour on that technique. You'll play along with him on each technique until you understand each technique and can execute it by yourself.  This is HARD WORK, and not for beginners. While it is far better to subscribe to the entire Pro Secrets series, there are some people who would rather purchase them one at a time. These are drill CD's, each an hour long, and they drill you on just one subject. The idea is to spend an hour a day for 30 days on just one technique, and then move on to another technique. Here are the individual CD's. They are $39.00 each:







    Individual Pro Secret CD's are $39.00 each

Pro Secret 1: Straddles
Pro Secret 2: 2/1 & 3/1 Breakups
Pro Secret 3: Waterfall Chords
Pro Secret 4: Tremolo-Fired Runs
Pro Secret 5: Half-Step Slides
Pro Secret 6: Suspensions
Pro Secret 7: Chord Substitutions
Pro Secret 8: Voicing in 4ths
Pro Secret 9: Turn-Arounds
Pro Secret 10: Introductions
Pro Secret 11: Endings
Pro Secret 12: Transposing
Pro Secret 13: Modulating
Pro Secret 14: Altering a Melody to Create a New Melody
Pro Secret 15: Inversions
Pro Secret 16: Creating Original Chord Progressions
Pro Secret 17: Echoes - Rhythmic, Melodic, Harmonic
Pro Secret 18: Touch
Pro Secret 19: II7 to V7 Progression
Pro Secret 20: Latin-American Rhythms
Pro Secret 21: Locked Hands Style
Pro Secret 22: "Garner" Style
Pro Secret 23: Two-Handed Arps: The Flowing River Of Sound
Pro Secret 24: Parallelisms
Pro Secret 25: Ragtime Techniques
Pro Secret 26: Polytonality & Superimposition
Pro Secret 27: Delay-Catch-Up Technique
Pro Secret 28: Slash Chords
Pro Secret 29: Counter-Melodies
Pro Secret 30: Western Sounds
Pro Secret 31: Gospel Sounds
Pro Secret 32: 12 Bar Blues
Pro Secret 33: Passing Tones
Pro Secret 34: Question-Answer Technique
Pro Secret 35: Far-Out Harmonies
Pro Secret 36: Syncopation


Pro Piano Playing Secrets 1-36:

(Only 5 CD's are shown here -- no room to show all 36!)

You get one Pro Secret shipped every month for 36 months along with a summary card for each secret.  $1404. (These are audio CD's)



You can get "Pro Piano Playing Secrets!"

  for less than half price instead of the regular tuition of $39. each--

but only if you allow us to ship the entire series to you all at once!

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Learn the secrets of professional pianists --
how they voice chords in 4ths, make "blue notes",
construct those "jazz chords", create those "waterfall runs"...
and lots more...

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