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DVD Courses that focus on just ONE piano playing technique -- in detail!

"Specialized Piano Playing DVD Courses"

Piano chords & music theory & music scales

     Most of our piano courses cover a broad spectrum of various styles and concepts that a person needs to know to play the piano well - piano notes, piano keys, piano chords, music theory, music scales. But these 14 DVD videos are SPECIALIZED DVD VIDEOS -- they each deal with just one small area -- but that area is covered in depth -- up close -- a detailed explanation and demonstration. Most of these DVD's are 20 to 30 minutes long -- and that's a lot of coverage for one small area.

Here they are:

Specialized DVD's: $47. each -- Or get all 14 for just $297.

Focus On Modulation DVD: How to get from one piano key to another key smoothly.
Pedaling DVD:
How to make your playing both smooth and explosive by pedaling creatively.
Improvising using Minor 7th Chords DVD:
If you like a mellow sound, you'll love this DVD!
Transposition DVD:
How to play a song in a different key than what it's written in.
Waterfall Runs DVD:
How to use them to create a "cascading river" sound.
Two-One & Three-One Chord Breakups DVD:
How to use them as fills.
Music Box Style DVD:
How to create the sound of a music box.
Straddles DVD:
How to use them as fills.
Piano Chord Progressions & Substitutions DVD:
For exciting sounds!
Inversions DVD:
How to turn chords upside down quickly.
Gospel Styles DVD:
Tripletizing, walk-ups & walk-downs, offset chording.
Major Piano Scales DVD:
All the Major Scales & their piano notes & fingerings.
Minor Piano Scales DVD:
All the Minor Scales & their piano notes & fingerings.
Modal Piano Scales DVD:
All the Modal scales & their piano notes &  fingerings (Dorian, Lydian, Locrian, Aeolian, Mixolydian,

Combo #43:

"Specialized DVD Courses"

Everything -- All 14 Specialized DVD's

$658. if purchased individually

$297. total for ALL

 (save $361.)

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Universal Course for Musicians

Now...available to civilians as well...

Two-Year Universal Course for Musicians

"Understanding & Mastering Music Theory Inside Out!"

These are dynamite lessons on understanding music for ALL MUSICIANS,
including but not limited to piano players...

...the very same course taken by members of our Navy Band (and other military musical groups), but explained and illustrated in detail by Duane so you REALLY understand music!

The nature of sound

Pitch & duration

Meter: complex

Music theory course on music scales



Major scales

Minor scales

Modal scales

Pentatonic scales

Performance tech.

Interval recognition

Piano chords

Triadic chords

Overtone series


Instrument types

Notating music

Chord symbols

Chord scales

Musical terms

Swing rhythm

Composing music

Altered chords



All 24 Instructional Audio CD Lessons in the Series
The Universal Course For ALL Musicians:
 "Understanding & Mastering Music Inside Out!"
 $297. total (Save $669!)
(It would cost $996. buying them one at a time for $39. each!)

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If for some reason you don't want the entire course all at once, then check the CD's you

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Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 1:The Nature of Sound (vibration, transmission, reception, processing, interpretation)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 2:Fundamental Notation. (pitch, duration)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 3:Meter. (metrical stress, composite meter)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 4:Rhythm (simple, complex, time signatures)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 5:Scales & Tetrachords
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 6:Major Music Scales
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 7:Minor Music Scales
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 8:Modal Music Scales (Dorian, Lydian, Aeolian, Locrian, Mixolydian, etc.)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 9:Pentatonic, Chromatic, & Whole-Tone Scales
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 10:Intervals. (diatonic, dissonant, consonant)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 11:Triadic Chords
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 12:The Overtone Series
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 13:Transposition (how to play in a different key).
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 14:Instruments. (single & double reed, brass, strings, percussion, keyboards)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 15:Piano Chord Symbols (Fm7, G13, F7/Eb, Bb7sus, C+, etc.)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 16:Chord scales (minor 7th, minor 6th, maj 7, etc.
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 17:Swing Rhythm. (anticipation, delay, etc.)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 18:Melody Construction. (How to compose a tune)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 19:Extended & Altered Chords (Fm9, C7-5, Eb11, etc.)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 20:Manuscript Techniques.
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 21:Performance. (articulations, ornaments, Jazz expressive devices, (rip, flare, drop, doink, etc.)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 22:Italian Terms. (meanings, suffixes)
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 23:Review & cross-polinization
Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 24:Application to your situation as a musician


"Understanding & Mastering Music" - The entire course of 24 CD audio courses & 24 printed lessons listed above, all in a FREE binder with CD holding pages.


For more information on the course, please click here.


Order safely & securely by clicking on the courses you want!
(Don't be afraid to click--you can modify your order as needed after you select the courses you want.)

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Music scales, piano chords, music theory, piano notes!


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