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Piano Lessons - Category 1

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Piano chords


Piano Lessons - Category 2

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Piano music lessons book

Piano Lessons - Category 3

(13 different gospel music piano lessons)

Gospel music for the piano


Piano Lessons - Category 4

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Ear trainingBig EarsHappy guy!Big EyesSight reading training



Piano Lessons - Category 5

(16 different piano lessons courses)

Sheet music on a music standRhythm is the pulse of music

Piano Lessons - Category 6

(36 different piano lessons for serious pianists)

Piano keyboard

Pro Secrets: 36 Techniques Used By Pro Piano Players, including:

Piano Lessons - Category 7

(15 different piano lessons music courses)

Low cost specialized piano lessons

Low-Cost Specialized Piano Lessons!


Piano Lessons - Category 8

(12 different musical piano lessons)

Piano lessons by mail and the internet


Piano Lessons - Category 9

(1 massive home study piano lesson course)

The joy of playing the piano for friends and family!

52 Week DVD Crash Course In Piano Playing For Busy Adults

Piano Lessons - Category 10

(9 different music piano lessons)

Music books


Click here for an index of piano lesson courses

Click here for an index of piano lesson courses

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"Most-Used Chords In The Key of C"

Piano chord chart

     A chord chart just like this changed my life when I was about 14. It showed me the most-used chords in the key of C. After I had learned them in C, it was a piece of cake to transfer what I knew to other keys. Before long, I was playing in most all the keys -- major and minor -- because once you know the principle of "the family of chords" it's easy to learn the rest. You just find out which chords are the "fam", which chords are the "cousins", and which chords are the "neighbors". You can get this chart free as a bonus when you order the "How To Play Chord Piano In 10 Days!" course!

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