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Catalog 1—Courses to Help you Play by Ear and By Chords

n      How To Play “Chord Piano” In 10 Days!

n      How to Play POP Piano, Using the 2-Week Visualized Chording System

n      How To Play Piano By Ear!

n      Learn 144 Basic Chords In One Hour

n      Super-Chords Made Super-Simple!

n      Left-Hand Bass Styles For Pop Piano

n      How To Predict Which Chord Comes Next!

n      Chord Substitutions

n      Passing Tones

n      Color Tones

n      Turn-Arounds

n      Extended Chords: How to Form Them & Use Them

n      How to Teach Yourself All About Chords (For kids and humble adults)

n      Block Chord Styles

n      All The Chords In The Whole Wide World

n      How To Play Any Keyboard Using Chords Instead Of The Printed Music ...And Make It Sound Far Better Than The Original Sheet Music!


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Catalog 2--Neat Stuff To Jazz Up Your Piano Playing

n      Using Chords To Improvise

n      Right Hand Arranging Techniques

n      Arrange Songs Right At The Piano – Instantly!

n      Basic Improvising: How To Make Up Music As You Play

n      Piano Improvisation From Ragtime to Contemporary

n      How To Dress Up NAKED MUSIC On The Piano

n      How To Transpose & Modulate

n      How To Add Fills & Runs To Your Piano Playing!

n      How To Create Intros & Endings

n      How To “Comp” In a Combo

n      How To Memorize Music

n      Funny Stuff You Can Do On The Piano

n      MORE Funny Stuff You Can Do!

n      Boogie Patterns: Two-Dozen Boogies You Can Lay Down With Your Left Hand

n      Boogie For Beginners!

n      How To Put Undernotes Under Your Right-Hand Melody

n      How To Voice a Chord For a Pro Sound

n      How To Use The Circle of 4ths To Create Great Chord Progressions!

n      How To Make Your Piano Sound Latin, Oriental, Russian…And Also Make It Sound Like Big Ben Chimes, A Drum Cadence, A Music Box, and More!

n      Playing Blues, Boogie, & R&B

n      How To Accompany a Soloist Or Group On The Piano

n      How to Play 12 Christmas Carols On The Piano – This Christmas!


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Catalog 3--Courses for Gospel Piano Playing

n      Playing Hymns & Gospel Songs

n      Praise & Gospel Music Piano

n      More Praise & Gospel Music!

n      Still More Praise & Gospel Music!

n      And Even More Praise & Gospel Music!

n      Playing Piano For a Gospel Quartet

n      How To Freshen Up the Songs You Play Every Sunday With New & Different Chords & Progressions!

n      Best-Loved Gospel Hymns Of All Time! Volume One

n      Best-Loved Gospel Hymns Volume Two

n      The Secret of Playing for Praise & Worship Without Written Music

n      Evangelistic Piano!


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Catalog 4--Courses for Growing Big Ears, Big Eyes, & Playing Easy Classics

n      Intervals:  The Key to Big Ears!

n      Training Your Ears To Hear Intervals of 2nds Through 13ths

n      Hearing Chords & Differences In Chord Types

n      How To Hear “Far-Out” Harmonies & Understand Them

n      How To Read Music…In One Evening

n      Seven Magic Steps To Speed Sight Reading!

n      Reading Music Quickly Through Chord Analysis

n      Reading Rhythm Patterns in 4/4 Time

n      Reading Rhythm Patterns in ¾ Time

n      Reading Chord Symbols In Classical & Popular Music

n      Ties, Dotted Notes, Flags, Birdseye’s, Etc.

n      Note Drill In Treble & Bass Clefs – For Kids

n      Ledger Lines: Learn to Read Those Super-High & Super-Low Notes!

n       Make Cool Sounds on Any Keyboard!


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Catalog 5--Rhythm & Harmony Courses!

n      Duane Shinn’s Crash Course In Basic Music

n      What is Music Made Of? A Study of the 5 Basic Elements of Music

n      A One-Hour Survey of The Great Composers

n      A Capsule History of Music

n      The Science of Sound

n      How To Teach Yourself Basic Harmony – Fast!

n      Musical Roadsigns: Accents, Dynamics, & All That

n      All About Scales, & How To Use Them

n      How To use The Metronome

n      A Six Month Course In Music Theory & Harmony

n      How To Play Roughly Half Of All Songs Using Just Four Chords: I, IV, V, and II

n      How To Make Your Playing Come Alive Through Pedaling & Dynamics

n      Become a Chord Detective – Get a Pair of Chord Glasses!

n      How to Master Rhythm Problems – Once and For All! (Level One)

n      How to Master Rhythm Problems – Once and For All! (Level Two)

n      Playing Chords in Rhythm


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Catalog 6--Pro Secrets

n      A Three Year Piano Playing Course on “Secrets of the Pros”


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Catalog 7--Low-Cost Specialized Videos & Audio Courses!

n      Specialized Piano Playing Video Course

n      Universal Course in Understanding & Mastering Music (for ALL musicians)


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Catalog 8--More Great Stuff

n      How To Make Your Hands Do What Your Brain Tells Them To Do

n      Which Finger Goes Where, And Why

n      How To Match The Melody Notes Of Any Song To A Chord In Your Left Hand

n      The Secret of Arranging Spectacularly Beautiful Christmas Carols!

n      The Secret of Arranging MORE Spectacularly Beautiful Christmas Carols!

n      The Secret of Arranging Still More Spectacularly Beautiful Christmas Carols!

n      The 3 Secrets of Power Piano Practicing!

n      Electronic Keyboard & Synthesizers: How To Get The Sounds, Rhythms, & Sequences You Want From YOUR Keyboard!

n      The Proven Way To Turn Your Piano-Playing Talents into An Excellent Income!

n      How To Explode Your Music Teaching Income By Teaching “Long Distance” by Mail Order Using Your Own Books, Tapes, Videos, & Charts

n      How to Go World-Wide With Your Own Web Site On the Internet’s Super Information Highway!

n      Doing Magic With Your Keyboard & Your Computer


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Catalog 9--52 Week Video Crash Course

n      Weekly Piano Lessons On DVD Video!


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Catalog 10--Wild and Crazy Stuff

n      Way Cool Piano Playing!

n      Piano Runs Galore!

n      How To Play More Notes Without Reading More Notes – Playing Piano From a Fake Book Using Just the Printed Tune and Chord Symbols!

n      33 Tips For Becoming a Great Pianist!

n      Playing By Ear Using Chords! – Using Only a “Fake Book”

n      How To Think In The Key You’re Playing In


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