How To Create Great Intros & Endings On Any Piano Song!

How To Create Great Intros & Endings On Any Piano Song!

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I Hated Piano Lessons...

So I Came Into Piano Playing Through The

Back Door!


If you don't have the time or the patience to take traditional piano lessons, do what I did and come through the "back door of exciting piano playing"!

Dear Friend:

                       I would like to invite you to come through the back door of piano playing with me. Unless you had the luxury of taking lessons for years and years with a really good teacher who knows what he or she is doing, as an adult you need through the come door of piano playing. You may say, "What in the world is the back door of piano playing?"

                        I came through the back door. I took 7 years of piano lessons, traditional piano lessons from the time I was 7 until I was 14, and of course, I started like all piano students do. I placed my right hand thumb on C and my index finger on D and my 3rd finger on E. I played a silly little song called  "Up we go" and then later my left hand learned to play 3 notes to the words "Down we go".

                        Then after awhile, I played 4 notes "Up we go up" and then finally 5 notes up, until I learned how to play all 5 fingers of my right hand in the correct fingering of the song, and then all 5 fingers of my left hand. Then, months later, I got to play the hands together. That gradually graduated into an 8-note scale and I learned to play the C scale.

                        Then months later I learned the D scale which has two black keys in it - but of course I couldn't always remember which black keys. If you had heard me practice, you would have covered your ears and run in the other room. If you've heard most any child practice, that's pretty much the sound you're going to get for awhile.

                        Anyway, 7 years of this, I eventually could play things like a simple version of "Minuet in G" - things like that. Could I play without the music in front of me? No way. I had no idea how to play "Happy Birthday" for example, or "He's a Jolly Good Fellow" or any of the songs that were popular at that time. 

                                      But when I was 14, I had the chance to play in the school dance band. I was a freshman in high school and the senior piano player just graduated so they didn't have any choice - they had to use me because I was the only guy available who had taken piano lessons.

                        I told them, "I don't know anything about chords or how to play songs."  The guys in the band - the seniors - they gave me a quick introduction to chords and they said, "Listen, there's 3 main chords. If you're playing in the key of C, there's the 1 chord and the 4 chord and the 5 chord, and with those 3 chords you can kind of get by but you really need to learn more than that.

                                        I had no idea what they were talking about.

                      But  I was highly motivated to have a chance to play with the older guys, so in a copy of "Popular Mechanics" magazine that was laying around the house there was an ad for the Dean Ross chord chart that promised to teach playing popular songs using chords.  It was 2 bucks as I recall , so I sent away for it, and got it back and slipped behind my keyboard in my piano - my folks' old piano - and it pointed me towards a C6 chord which I didn't know existed with my left hand, and then it taught me to play the D minor 7 chord, like that, so I learned just those 2 chords. Then I learned to play the tune "Frankie and Johnny" with the right hand.

                        I was really excited and one thing led to another so I learned more chords and more chords, and gradually as I gained experience playing with the band I could more or less keep up with the rest of them. The guys would help me and so on until finally I could play using just a lead sheet - that means the melody for whatever the song was, and chord symbols.  It sounded pretty awful when I started, but gradually I learned more and more chords and it made more and more sense to me.

                        So I came through the back door of piano playing - chords. That's called the back door. If you have a chance to go through the front door, of course that's great but most adults don't. I learned rapidly after that and by the time I got to college, I was pretty good and then I majored in music and eventually got my B.A. and my Masters Degree in music and it was a snap.

                        People say, "How can you play like this without looking at the music?" The reason I was able to do that eventually was because I came through the back door and learned the chords. The name of the mysterious back door is "Chords." If you learn chords, then you can start playing songs without having to go through that painstaking "Up we go" and "Down we go." I'm not knocking that. Any kid should learn how to do that but I wish piano teachers would also teach chords along with music reading. It would have made a huge difference but my teacher didn't teach me chords so I didn't know anything about chords.

                          I invite you to come through the back door of piano playing with me. I will share with you what I have learned, and teach you chords galore. I think you're going to really love it, if you're just getting in piano playing.

                           I hope to see you soon.


Look what's crammed into one low-cost course!

  • You get 39 instructive lessons about chords & chord progressions for about a buck each!

  • Well over 100 chord photos and illustrations, plus asome 40 instructional videos!

  • You will understand the forensics of music - what makes it tick and how it all works.


Here's what you will learn:

  • The 3 easy chords that you MUST know

  • All the major chords (12 of them)

  • All the minor chords (again, 12 of them)

  • All the diminished chords

  • All the augmented chords

  • All the 6th chords

  • All the 7th chords

  • All the major 7th chords (different than 7th chords)

  • All the 9th chords

  • All the 11th chords

  • All the 13th chords

  • All the suspended and altered chords (tons of them - but they are easy to understand once you know the basics

  • Inversions (chords upside down)

  • And LOTS MORE including the Circle of Keys, the Circle of Minor Keys & about ten exciting chord progressions you can use

Now please watch this short "walk-through" video so you'll see exactly what you are getting!

Dear Duane,

I love your
new Mysterious Secret Back Door program!

It was exactly what I needed to get me going in piano playing.

Congratulations and Keep Up The Great Work!

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Mysterious Secret Back Door To Playing

Colorful & Exciting Piano!

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PS Please do me a favor and drop me an email or letter telling me what it meant for you to start playing piano by coming through the back door. Thanks.


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