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Duane has more fun teaching piano than should be legal, and that love of piano playing and chords and music in general is contagious. Thousands of piano students down through the years have benefited from his easy-going teaching style in person and through his many videos, audios, and publications.

  • Duane is a graduate of Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon with a BS & Masters Degree in Humanities (Music & English literature - a double major) and he is known as "the man who wrote the book" -- since he is the author of over 500 books, CD's and DVD's having to do with all aspects of piano playing. 
  • But degrees and education means nothing without the ability to teach so that the student can UNDERSTAND and then APPLY what he or she understands. Take one course and you'll immediately see for yourself why Duane's DVD and CD courses are "one of a kind" -- they actually get you UNDERSTANDING music and then show you...

  • Keyboard Workshop was established in 1965 to help piano players of all levels enhance their piano playing ability though the use of chords, styles, rhythms, runs, fills and other strategies. So we've been around the block a couple times, and we know what works!
  • Duane started teaching in the Sacramento, California area in the early 60's, teaching both kids and adults in their homes. As he would drive from home to home he would listen to instructional cassettes in his VW bug, learning more and more about music and teaching.
  • In 1966 he & Bev and his 2 children moved to Oregon where he resumed teaching both as a "route teacher" and then later opened his own piano teaching studio named "Piano University" featuring a network of electronic keyboards with headsets for both group and private teaching.  The photo on the right shows two of Duane's students (one of which is Garin, his son) along with two of his teachers, Diane & Paul. Soon after that he established PlayPiano to make his courses available nationwide, and later worldwide.
  • The smiling face the right is that of the fun-loving Arnie of Pronto Print, a long-time friend who does all the printing and binding of Duane's books and materials. Arnie has worked & joked & laughed with Duane for over 25 years, so has the feel for exactly what is needed in the way of printed materials.
  • Our digital expert is Darryl of Creative Video Designs, who produces and duplicates all of Duane's DVD's and CD's. Anytime there is a problem with a disc, Darryl is our go-to guy. He designs and duplicates thousands of CD and DVD discs every month. He & Duane meet every Thursday morning for breakfast to hash out problems and pray and joke a bit.
  • Our house genius and webmaster is Pat of iDesign Marketing, who wanders the halls of Keyboard Workshop in a digital daze until a light bulb comes on in his mind holding a solution to some need or problem in our shopping cart or one of our web sites. Like Darryl and Arnie, Pat is a fun guy to be around and we spend almost as much time laughing as we do working.
  • Each course is carefully assembled in our studio and shipped via Priority Mail (or UPS on larger orders). We ship all over the world including all of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, all of Europe, Australia, Asia, and many islands. The photo on the right showsthe fabulous duo of Muriel and Bev preparing today's orders so they will arrive in a nice little package at your doorstep. They are really the bosses of Keyboard Workshop, but they humor Duane by letting him think he is.
  • It's never too early to start learning! Hannah picks out a tune.
  • Herkemer may look like a beagle, but really is a cleverly disguised cool cat who plays a mean boogie.

  • But the real heroes of PlayPiano are you and you and you -- our thousands of wonderful students, without which we wouldn't even exist.

  • And of course our ultimate gratitude goes to our gracious and loving God, from whom all blessings flow.

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