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  �This isn�t just normal �piano lessons� in the natural sense of the word�it�s like backing up a railroad car and raiding the warehouse of Duane�s brain for every technique, style, secret, concept and musical insight he has accumulated over a lifetime of playing thousands and thousands of songs and teaching thousands and thousands of people��

�Killer Piano Playing Secrets of a Chord Addict!�

An �insider� shortcut guide to creating sensational sounds that will

supercharge your piano playing with exciting sparkle!


From: Duane (known by his close friends as �Dunk�) Shinn

Dear Friend:

     I wish you could have seen me play the piano when I was just learning. I was the nearest thing to �hopeless� that you could imagine. I was into baseball, not music � and my heroes were Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Ted Williams. (And by the way, I still have a picture of those 3 guys on my wall.) My dream was to hit baseballs like them, not to play the piano.

     But an opportunity to play with a combo presented itself to me when I was a freshman in high school. Seems the piano player of the group had graduated the previous year, and nobody else played piano well enough to play in the school jazz combo. I didn�t know zilch about playing in a group, and I didn�t know chords. But I was excited to have the opportunity to play with older guys, and so I took the job.

     The lead sax player told me I really should know chords in order to play in the group, so I searched through a music magazine until I found an ad for a chord chart. It cost two bucks, as I recall, so I sent off for it. When I received it in the mail I slipped it behind the keys on my parents old upright piano, and promptly learned to play my first chord � Dm7. I LOVED the sound of it, and was hooked for life on chords. The 2nd chord I learned was Cmaj7, then Em7, then Ebm7 � and before that first night was over I had learned to play �Frankie & Johnnie� � the tune in my right hand, and those fabulous 7th chords in my left hand!

      I loved it � LOVED IT � LOVED IT! And it even sounded good enough to impress some of my friends the next day. I suppose that simple chord chart that cost me two bucks has been worth several million over the course of my lifetime. And much more than that, has been worth quadrillions in pleasure and satisfaction and relaxation and��

      So why should YOU care? What does that mean to you?

      Because that high school freshman with the two-dollar chord chart went on to learn more about chords than most anyone in the known universe, and all his courses are LOADED with knowledge about chords and chord progressions and chord substitutions and chord extensions and chord modulations and chord improvisations and���

�..and he teaches you step by step,

chord by chord, style by style,

technique by technique�.

how to use chords to make the

sounds YOU want to make,

to play the songs YOU want to play.

      What? Take piano lessons from a high school kid?

      No, no, no. Even though I came in the back door as far as piano playing was concerned, I learned fast because of what I knew about chords, so college was a snap, and so was my post-graduate Masters Degree at Southern Oregon University. After high school I studied with several of the finest private teachers on the West Coast, including a year with THE finest teacher � his name was Dave � and his studio was on Cauhenga Blvd. in Hollywood. As I would come for my piano lesson, I would often pass a big name recording artist coming to their lesson � and anyone who was anyone in Hollywood in those days took lessons from Dave.

     Dave taught me 2 fundamental principles about piano playing:

1.      The piano is NOT played with the hands � it is played with the brain. The hands are just tools.

2.      If you master chord relationships, you can master music.

     I�ve got little fat hands with short fingers. Hardly the ideal hands for piano playing.

    I�ve also got a lousy sense of rhythm.

     But you know what? Because of those two principles Dave taught me, I can play �above� my fat hands and my weak rhythm.




     Once a person �gets into the flow� of understanding chord relationships and then letting the brain knowledge flow into the hands, that person plays �above� his ability.

     What You Discover Here Will Change Your Musical Life Forever.


     Because on all my courses I literally take you by the hand, answer all your questions, and show you exactly how to do it. Doesn�t matter what the subject is � chords are chords and rhythm is rhythm and notes are notes and�.

      So which courses should you take?

     It depends on how much you know already. If you�re a true beginner, the very best thing you could do would be to take my year-long video course � I call it my

Crash Course in Exciting Piano Playing!�

     It�s just incredible. People rave over it. Here�s how it works:

     You get a new lesson on DVD every week, along with the eight books that go with the videos. On the videos I demonstrate close-up and in slow motion everything I am explaining. You have the books in front of you at the piano with the songs I am playing. You SEE me explain each note, each rhythm, each technique , each style in each song � and there are hundreds of songs that we play over the course of the year � and of course you HEAR the piano being played as you WATCH each finger play each note. The combination of having the books in front of you at the piano while you watch the video is POWERFUL, and you learn like you�ve never learned before. Click here to read all about it!

     Not only that, but the great thing about  DVD video lessons is that you can watch the lesson over and over, as many times as you need to. And if there are other members of your family that want to learn, hey � it costs nothing for them to tag along!

 (Hint: home school Moms take note!)

     What else do we have that can get you launched into exciting piano playing?

     Here�s just a sample of the things you can learn:

     "How To Play Chord Piano" "Pop Piano" "Piano By Ear" "144 Basic Chords" "Super-Chords" "Mood Piano" "Left-Hand Bass Styles" "Predict Which Chord Comes Next" "Chord Substitutions" "Passing Tones" "Color Tones" "Turn-Arounds" "Extended Chords" "All About Chords" "Block Chord Styles" "Chord Progressions" "All The Chords In The Whole Wide World" "Keyboard By Chords" "Using Chords To Improvise" "Improvisation" "Right-Hand Arranging" "Keyboard Arranging" "Basic Improvising" "Piano Improvisation" "How To Dress Up Naked Music" "Transpose & Modulate" "Runs & Fills" "Intros & Endings" "How to Comp" "Memorize Music" "Funny Stuff" "More Funny Stuff" "Boogie Patterns" "Boogie For Beginners" "Undernotes" "Voicing" "Circle of 4ths" "Special Effects" "Standard Ballads" "Honky Tonk & Ragtime" "Blues, Boogie, & R&B" "Country-Western Piano" "Southern Style Gospel" "Sing-Along Songs" "12 Christmas Carols" "How To Accompany a Soloist Or Group On The Piano!" "Hymns & Gospel Songs" "Praise & Gospel" "Playing For a Gospel Quartet" "Freshen Up Hymns" "Best-Loved Gospel Hymns" "Playing For Praise & Worship" "Spirituals" "Evangelistic Piano Playing" "Crash Course" "Great Composers" "History of Music" "Science of Sound" "Basic Harmony" "Musical Roadsigns" "Metronomes" "Scales" "Theory & Harmony" "4-Chord Songs" "Chord Detective" "Pedaling & Dynamics" "Rhythm Piano" "Playing Chords In Rhythm" "Intervals" "Hearing Chord Types" "Far-Out Harmonies" "Read Music" "Speed Sight Reading" "Chord Analysis" "Rhythm Patterns in 3/4 and 4/4" "Chord Symbols" "Ties, Flags, Birdseyes" "Note Drills" "Ledger Lines" "Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata" "Bach's Prelude in Cm" "Wedding Songs" "Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" "Fur Elise" "Classical Piano for Beginners" "Cool Sounds Anybody Can Make On The Piano" "Spectacular Christmas Carols" "Make Your Hands To What Your Brain Tells Them" "Which Finger Goes Where, & Why" "What Do I Do With My Left Hand?" "Match Melody to Chords" "Power Practice"  "Electronic Keyboards" "Specialized Videos" "Piano Teaching Income" "Doing Magic With Keyboard & Computer" "Songwriting" "Music Lyrics" "Monthly Keyboard Newsletter" "Song Lyrics" "Way Cool Piano Playing!" "Alexander's Ragtime Band" "St. Louis Blues" "Old Love Songs" "Good Stuff" "Runs Galore!" "33 Tips" "Play By Ear Using Chords" "How To Think In The Key Of..." 

     All these courses --and more -- are waiting for you to come and get them. They will bring you more knowledge and fulfillment and happiness than you can now imagine. Read what some of my other students have been saying:

Hi Duane,
"I just wanted to tell you that I got my books and videos today; and started watching them already, and am just thrilled to death. I think this course is going to be EXACTLY what I need right now; and I am just thanking God for giving me the idea. You are an excellent teacher, and the pace is a nice one. I am not bored at all by the reviews; and am already picking up some pointers.  I get so excited when you talk about the things you will be teaching later; as I mentioned before, I have been playing for going on four years, and so want to learn how to add to music. Tomorrow I will watch How to Dress Up Naked Music.
 Just wanted to say thanks to you!!"
 God bless,
Joyce Barr

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what I thought of my first order from you.  I ordered "How To Play Chord Piano In Ten Days" -- I thought it was great!  Already, my playing sounds greatly improved." David (doctor)

 "Just a note to inform you how delighted I have been with your piano CD courses.  You have a very easy teaching style & you truly make the lesson easy to understand & what's more, enjoyable and fun!  Thank you -- where have you been all my life?" Sherry

"I have found Duane's DVD & CD piano lessons to be exceptionally well planned and packed with absolutely essential information for the serious piano student.  They cover it all." Larry (teacher & club pianist)

     So what are you waiting for? Let�s get started right now. Click here to go to the catalog where you can read about each course in detail and then order the courses you decide to take.



PS: In case you are worried about "fly by night" mail order companies, we have operated our piano studio continuously since 1965 and have taught countless thousands of people to play the piano. (You may have noticed that we have over 500 different DVD video and CD audio and printed courses -- that takes a while to create and write and record! So we won't be going anywhere until the Lord calls "Come on up here!")


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