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" Secrets of Exciting Chords & Chord Progressions!"


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Week 19 -


 "Oops! I forgot Minor 7th Chords!"

     How could I do it?

     Minor 7th chords are some of the most-used chords there are. They are also the mellowest chords around -- entire songs have been composed using nothing but minor 7th chords, and even more songs composed with a combination of minor 7ths and maj7th chords combined.

     So don't think they are not important. Just chalk it up to the fact that it's easy to overlook the obvious. And that's exactly what I did.

     Minor 7th chords are made of a minor 3rd with a major third over it and a minor 3rd over that. In other words, every other interval is minor, and every other interval is major.

Minor 7th chords

     For example, on Cm7 it is a minor 3rd from C to Eb. Then it is a major 3rd from Eb to G. Then it is a minor 3rd from G to Bb.

     So...take a listen to these chords:



     And here's what they look like:

All 12 minor 7th chords

     Play them over and over until you get the feel of each one. Then try playing them with your left hand while playing one or more of them broken in the right hand. That's the very beginning of improvisation!


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