How To

 Master Rhythm Problems ...

As fast as ice cream   melts in the sun!

Date: 9:33 AM - Tuesday morning
From: Duane "Pianoman" Shinn

I was absolutely amazed

 when I found out how easy rhythm really was...

Dear Piano-Playing Friend:

     Would you like to play the kind of piano that makes people being to tap their toes, or snap their fingers? Let me tell you a TRUE story about how I learned rhythm:

     When I was in my late teens, I was playing for a church youth group "singspiration". I loved chords, and I used to do pretty well playing most songs. But when it came to the "spirited" songs -- the ones with lots of rhythm and life, I was lost. I overheard one of our youth leaders say "Let's get someone on the piano with some rhythm!" Ouch! That really hurt. I knew it was true, but it's not fun to hear if from someone else, especially someone you respect.

      Right then and there I made a decision: no matter how long it took, I was going to MASTER RHYTHM. I was going to learn every possible beat combination, and how to use those beats in each song, and what to do in the right hand to compliment what the left hand was doing. My search took me to private teachers, music schools, combos, books of all sorts, libraries, and listening to THOUSANDS of records, tapes, and live performances. I copied down various rhythm patterns on 3" by 5" cards, and at night I would analyze them playing them over and over again on the piano. It was HARD WORK for me. It didn't come easy, like chords had for me. Chords were a snap, but not rhythm. It was difficult to read, and hard to play. I found myself rushing, dragging, stumbling, and generally fouling up. But as time went by, I got a little better. I continued to make notes of rhythm patterns, and started a collection of books and materials on rhythm.

     By the time I got my Master's Degree from Southern Oregon University, I was starting to get the hang of it. I was beginning to understand what rhythm was, and what made it tick. I began to categorize rhythm patterns into different groups, such as rhythm & blues, jazz, rock, dance patterns, marches, waltzes, fox trots, swing, boleros, discos, ballads, gospel, bossa-novas, beguines, rumbas, cha chas, sambas, and so on.

     But it's one thing to know a rhythm, and another thing to EXECUTE it on the piano.

     So I developed a system that is VISUAL -- it allows you to SEE a rhythm while you HEAR it played. You count it out with me on the cassettes and on the videos, and then you and I play it over and over and over again, until you get it IN YOUR BONES -- down deep, where it becomes a vital part of you.

     Then it will become NATURAL, and people will sense the EASE with which you play all those seemingly complex rhythms.

     If you have problems with your rhythm -- whether it is counting, or dragging, or rushing, or just not knowing what to do when....this great course is for you!

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Here's some of the rhythm patterns you will learn:

Waltz, March, Swing, Ballad, Fiddle Jig, Rubato, Disco, Foxtrot, Stride, Triplet Patterns, The Shuffle, Gospel Waltz, Royal March, Polish Dance, Polka, Scotch Snap, Hungarian Skip, Rhythm & Blues, Western, Boogaloo, Hornpipe, Gigue, Jazz Waltz, Rock, The Skip, The Morris Dance, The Schottische,  Habanera, Paso Doble, The Sweet Pea, Samba,  C & W, Tango, Fatback , Rumba, Bolero, Bossa Nova, Cha Cha, Beguine, etc. -- you get the idea!

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     Here's what you'll get in the course:

  •      Basic Rhythm Piano Book One -- Here you will be introduced to my "baseline" under each rhythm pattern. This is the only place in the entire world that has this (because I invented it).
  •      Two Basic Rhythm Audio CD's -- You'll get two audio CD's that go right along with the Basic Rhythm Piano Book One. You and I will play EVERY rhythm pattern in the book until we get it PERFECT!
  •      TWO-HOUR Basic Rhythm Instructional DVD -- This DVD video goes with Book One, so you can SEE not only the written rhythm pattern, but you can SEE my hands as I play each rhythm ... EVERY RHYTHM!
  •      Advanced Rhythm Book Two -- Once you've mastered the basics of rhythm, you can move on into all the rhythm patterns you've dreamed of playing -- the beguine, the bossa-nova, R&B, gospel, bolero -- and scads more!
  •      Four Advanced Rhythm Audio CD's -- These go with Book Two, and cover all the exotic rhythms such as samba, fat-back, boogie, country-western, cha-cha and all the others! You and I will play ALL these rhythms -- it takes FOUR audio CD's to get through all of the various rhythms!
  •      TWO-HOUR Advanced Rhythm DVD -- another TWO-HOURS! -- This DVD video allows you to SEE my hands as they play the beguine, mambo, boogaloo, sweet pea, and all the others!
  •      Big 3-Ring Binder & Disc Page to hold all the 6 CD's and the 2 DVD's and the 2 books!

You WILL be absolutely THRILLED! I promise!

     I can't imagine why ANYONE would not want this course. I suppose there are a few people who can play all these rhythms without having to learn them, but I'm sure not one of them, and I know from talking with thousands of piano players over the years that at least 90% NEED HELP WITH THEIR RHYTHM.

     Here's help. Lots of help! 2 big books, 6 instructional audio CD's, & 2 DVD videos worth of help.

     And I honestly don't know where else in the world where you could get this kind of help.

     If I could go back a few years, I would have easily paid a thousand dollars for this...or more.

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Will it cost you a thousand dollars?

Not quite.

     If you look in our catalog (page 42) you will see that each part of the course sells for only $97. each:

Basic Rhythm Piano $99.95 -- Book, 2 Audio CD's and 1 DVD video

Advanced Rhythm Piano $99.95 -- Book, 4 Audio CD's and 1 DVD video

     But  -- if you order Both the Basic and the Advanced Rhythm Piano courses together, you can save $50!

In other words, you get

EVERYTHING for just $149. total!

(It's like paying for one and getting the other for 1/2 price!)

    Can you master rhythm?


     Even if rhythm has always been a problem for you?


     Because I was just like you, so I understand where you're coming from, and I know how to get it across to you.

      Will it be worth it?

      Well, if the tapping of toes and the snapping of fingers is what you want to hear when you play the piano, then it will be worth many times the modest cost.

     Order it today. You'll see.

Rhythmicly yours,


(Also known as "Pianoman" -- the man who wrote the book on piano playing... )

(actually, over 20 of 'em, plus some 500 instructional DVD and CD courses!)

P.S.- P.S. Don't forget that you're getting one of the courses at 1/2 price ONLY if you order through this letter. If you put it off, you run the chance that you will forget or something else will come up, and you will have lost the opportunity to solve your rhythm problems for a discounted price, so I strongly suggest that you order right now, while you're thinking about it!

If you want to get this entire program -- Basic & Advanced for $149. -- . -- instead of the usual price, you have to order now.