Here are the things Duane recommends to build your online business --

...he has used every single one of them and found them invaluable!

Duane    Recommends!


Lots of people over the years have asked me how I created my

business selling piano courses by mail and over the internet.

It's really pretty easy when you have help -- and here are

the people and the tools that have helped me.

I'm sure they can help you as well!




Armand Morin

     Armand Morin is an amazing young man who has developed several outstanding tools to help you and I market on the internet. His eBook Generator is the very best eBook generator you can find anywhere. I use it on all my piano & music eBooks and I love it.  It's easy to use, and gives you total control over what you can do with your eBook.  Click on the banner below, and Armand himself  will tell you all about it!


Once you have created your eBook, you can create an appealing cover for it in no time flat with Armand's "eCover Generator". Lots of neat styles and designs to choose from. Instead of just telling people about your eBook, show them. It will increase your sales greatly.

eCover Generator

 When I started out selling over the internet, I didn't know what a "header graphic" was. I'm sure glad I found out -- it dresses up your sales letter or site and gives it believability and class. Check it out.





Yanik Silver


Jon Mizel

    Jon is a marketing genius. He lives in Maui, and doesn't earn near as much as he could because he love fishing and surfing and all the kinds of things you can do in Hawaii. Watch out if he ever decides to market full time! You can learn more from him in an hour than a year in business school (or maybe 4 years in business school!).

Phil Wiley


    If you don't have a product of your own to sell on the internet, you can still do VERY well just by having "associate sites". That's where you sign up with another company that sells a product you like, and they pay you a commission every time someone goes to their site and orders from them. You get paid because there is a code in the HTML (computer language) that tells the company that you were the person who sent the buyer to them, and you get paid automaticly through a intermediary such as PayPal, ClickBank, or some similar organization. This book -- "Mini-Site Profits" demonstrates how you can put up "mini-sites" on the internet -- usually one or two page sites that point people to the company that sells the product you are promoting. This can be done for a VERY small amount of money -- probably less than $100. in most cases. It's a great way to get started selling on the internet if you're new, but it's also a great way to earn extra income even if you DO have a product of your own. (In case you haven't guessed, this entire page is an example of that. I don't own any of these products, but I use them myself and have found them exceptionally helpful, so I point other people toward them and earn extra income when people buy. It's a great deal for everyone involved -- buyer, seller, and the guy or gal in the middle -- in this case, me.)


Have you ever wondered --

'COULD I Be Building My Own Software Empire?'

Stop wondering! I've never seen anything like this --

I just found a guide that distills software development
into a simple step-by-step plan that you can follow --

...even if you've NEVER written a lick of code!

'Software Secrets -- Exposed!' is a new course developed
by a former CTO and programming veteran. I've found it
low on fluff -- and big on proven strategies that anyone
can follow --

I'm looking at the guide right now -- and CRINGING that
I didn't own it a year ago -- I can only wonder how much
more money I would be making with it in my library.

Get the details here:

   Neil Durrant

 If you have a product of your own on the web, there are thousands of people who would be glad to help you sell it if you give them a commission for selling it. Back in the 70's I had several hundred "drop-ship dealers" -- people who helped me sell my music courses for a commission. The great deal about that is that you don't spend a penny UNTIL a sale has been made.It's like having a sales force out working for you without paying them anything until the sale is made.

Here is the place where you can find out how to do it -- and do it right:

Are you listed with all the affiliate directories?

 Great affiliate instruction!

Click Here

 If you DON'T have a product of your own, this is the book to get -- it will show you how to find a product (or a whole bunch of products, for that matter) to start selling on the net:


 And finally, here's a GREAT way to guarantee that you'll earn ALL the money you earn in an affiliate program!

You Can Sell Your Product On E-Bay!

The top selling eBay related book on after just 3 months!

 Put eBay on AUTOPILOT! Earn a serious income with a part-time effort.

And if you have the same problem I do...


Scott Covert is the world's expert on Banners!

(Don't take advice about banners from anyone else!)

     The ONLY source of profitable banner advertising that I recommend to you comes from Scott Alan Covert. Jonathan Mizel said "Scott, your techniques increased our banner response rate by over 1100%!". Scott has also done banner ads for Internet Marketing Center, Internet Marketing Challenge,, Marlon Sanders,, and many others! Click here -- -- to find out how to make your own banners in 3 minutes apiece using Scott's formula.


Steve Pierce

dimensions 139 x 200

Steve Pierce knows what he's doing. Get his book now!

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