Lesson 9


Focus: Review and Completion of Book One

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week nine's review starts with a song to practice the various bass clef accompaniments shown to you last week. This is where the keyboard pointers really come in handy; you'll move through a variety of broken chord rhythms and attempt a bass clef more advanced than you've previously seen. As usual, Duane walks you through both the right and left hand separately before combining the two, ensuring that you truly get a feel for the piece.


A quiz to test your chord and note recognition ability is next on this week's list; you'll identify chords and fill them in on the staff, locate notes in the bass clef and identify chords in the broken pattern. As this quiz marks the end of Book One, Duane takes you straight to the supplementary book, where you'll learn several new songs to brush up on all the techniques learned so far. A review of damper pedal techniques is then followed by a discussion of arrangement's finer points. Duane dives further into the 2/1 break-up, swing bass and melody octaves before showing you a few fills to add some flavor to any piece you play. You'll practice these techniques in songs such as "Where, O, Where Has My Little Dog Gone" and "I Wish I Was Single Again."


Duane ends week nine with a brief discussion of the benefits of both adhering to the written score and adding the learned arrangement techniques. He also applies these principles to a new topic, intervals and their relation to inversions, finishing up the lesson with a quick introduction to the ways in which understanding intervals can advance your playing and reading ability.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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