Lesson 8

Focus: Broken Chords in 4/4 Time

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


After a quick refresher in 3/4 broken chords, you'll start week eight by applying the technique to a new time signature in a popular classical piece. It's a song that covers several skills practiced so far; in addition to honing 4/4 arpeggios, you'll brush up on the traditional block chord, inversion fingerings and even a bit of sight reading. Duane also introduces you to the 2/1 break-up and Alberti bass, two arrangement possibilities; these techniques will be put to practice in the same song used to introduce the 4/4 broken chords.


Encompassing the next section is a new series of keyboard pointers containing more advanced eighth note patterns with varying intervals; the drills maintain your right and left hand independence while preparing your fingers for the advanced techniques yet to come. Also included in this section is a discussion centering on the fine art of mistakes; Duane explains how to correct them, when they shouldn't be troubling and the massive difference between human error and conceptual error.


Week eight comes to a close in the supplementary book, where you'll practice techniques new and old with the ever-popular "Yankee Doodle." Duane takes you through the song as written, making sure you're able to play both the melody and chords before moving forward, and then demonstrates a few arrangement possibilities; the techniques are used to change the bass accompaniment's chording and you'll be asked to become acquainted with the new arrangement before returning for next week's lesson.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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