Lesson 7

Focus: Keyboard Pointers

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week seven begins with an advanced classical piece, the likes of which you haven't seen thus far into the lessons. Duane takes you through both the left and right hand parts measure by measure and shows you how to check your fingering, seating and hand position before beginning your weekly practices. After successfully getting through the entire song, you'll move on to the first in a continual series of keyboard drills, called keyboard pointers, used to exercise your technique while warming up and training your fingers. The three exercises contained in this first series of keyboard pointers focus on monophony and polyphony, the act of including either one (monophony) or more than one (polyphony) melody in a piece of music. This exercise is designed to teach your hands to work independently of each other, much like the old game of patting your head and rubbing your stomach.


The lesson then moves on to further practice with chords and a new inversion of the D7 chord with a new song designed to renew and work out previously learned techniques. Duane also introduces you to swing bass, a style of bass accompaniment often used when arranging a pre-written song before taking you through another series of keyboard pointers, this time focusing on fingering, rhythm and note reading. The pointers continue your practice with polyphony while introducing eighth notes into the mix as a way to heighten your finger dexterity.


After working with swing bass, broken chords and the process of introducing new rhythms into the bass accompaniment in the supplementary, you'll end the lesson with a longer close-up that runs through all the songs and exercises, including the new, non-written bass rhythms.


Review by Mollie Wells


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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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