Lesson 50

Focus: Finishing Book Four

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes



Week 50 starts out in main book four with a classical lullaby to practice 6/8 time with broken and block chords before moving on to a new set of keyboard pointers. You'll practice staccato phrasing, eighth notes and finger dexterity with these exercises in addition to learning a new notation marking. Duane then guides you through a new song featuring eighth note triplets and augmented and diminished chords; you'll also learn a few new chord positions.


The lesson then moves on to a brief review of F major scale degrees and the introduction of the D minor scale. After refreshing your memory on the construction of harmonic minor scales, Duane teaches you the fingering for both the bass and treble clef and guides you through "Charlie is My Darling," a song exercising your skills with D minor, sixteenth notes and complicated rhythm patterns.


You'll finish this week's lesson (and book four) with a few quizzes to test your knowledge of everything learned thus far. The first quiz is a 3/8 song designed to test your chord recognition; you'll be asked to play through the song without any written chord symbols. The next quiz, a waltz in A minor, again tests your chord recognition ability, this time asking you to sight read the left hand and play it as quickly as possible. The last quiz, another based partly on chord recognition, asks you to complete several statements about keys and scales; you'll finish the test by filling in the blanks on a number of written chords.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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