Lesson 5

Focus: Bass Clef D7 and Broken Chords

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week five takes you back a few lessons to the D7 chord; this time, however, it's in the bass clef. After acquainting yourself with the chord's fingering and placement on the staff, you'll apply the technique to "Faith of Our Fathers," a hymn that focuses on D7, G7, C and F. Duane guides you slowly through the new song, ensuring your ability to play both parts before even attempting to combine them, and counts out each measure to keep your rhythm exact. In addition to helping you master the D7 chord, "Faith of Our Fathers" provides essential practice for inversions, sight reading and chord recognition.


Your sense of chord recognition is exercised even further in the next section with a quiz to test your note and chord reading ability: you'll be given a song containing no chord names and asked to fill in the blanks. After helping you to successfully identify the chords, Duane takes you through the song piece by piece and points out certain clues to help you recognize any chord you come across. You'll then play through the piece and even learn a bit about the practice of resolving chords.


The lesson then moves forward to a brand new concept: broken chords, or arpeggios, in 3/4 time. Duane defines and demonstrates broken chords, teaching you their fingering and how to recognize them in a piece of music. He also explains a bit about the damper pedal and its uses and shows you how the technique can add a flair to broken chords. You'll then move into the supplementary book to apply your newfound knowledge to songs like "Home on the Range" and "This Old Man."


As usual, the lesson comes to a close with a detailed close-up of this week's focus, including the D7 chord, broken chord and pedaling techniques.


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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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