Lesson 48

Focus: Supplementary Practice and the Key of E Minor

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes



Week 48, another spent entirely in the fourth supplementary book, starts with a piece intended to help you practice diminished chords in 2/4 time. This song also demonstrates the delicate balance often needed between the right and left hand parts, a concept that Duane helps you fully explore during your eventual arrangement of this song.


The lesson's next song deals with several different rhythm patterns that aid in your practice of right and left hand independence. Additionally, you'll be playing a counter melody (and at one part, the melody) in the left hand, again reinforcing the sense of balance and independence between your hands. Duane takes you through this song both hands alone and hands together but doesn't include any arrangement techniques.


You'll then move on to another song similar to the second in that it focuses on the balance and independence of your hands with different rhythmic patterns. As the song is a bit more complicated than any of this lesson's pieces, you'll work on it hands alone and hands together without any exploring any arrangement possibilities.


The lesson ends with the popular "Greensleeves," which provides an introduction to the key of E minor, G majors relative minor. The song is rhythmically simple, allowing you ample room to not only practice your technique with E minor, but also to add a number or arrangement techniques after mastering it as written. Duane guides you through an arrangement that includes swing bass, grace notes, octaves and even introduces a new cadence technique used to end the song.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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