Lesson 47

Focus: More Practice in the Supplementary Book

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes



This week's lesson starts with a review song in the F major key. You'll brush up on the key's family chords, analyzing each one included in the song, before beginning hands alone practice. As you play, Duane points out the important elements within the song, such as the use of sixteenth notes. You'll then move into a classical song with which to practice the A minor key. The structure and rhythm of this piece is fairly simple, providing a focused review of the key and its fingerings. What's more, the piece switches to a relative major in its middle section, allowing Duane an opportunity to explain relative major scales and how to recognize them within a piece of music. You'll also analyze the song's dynamics and climax, paying close attention to both of these concepts.


The next piece is a well-known lullaby in A minor, again including a brief visit to the relative C major scale. The piece also provides an introduction to continuity bass, a variation of swing bass accompaniment that stays steady at the chord for a bit longer than swing bass does. After playing the lullaby's written version, you'll begin an arrangement using arpeggios in the left hand and echoing harmonies in the right.


This lesson's last song, "Lavender's Blue," is a simple C major song that focuses on your note-reading ability and finger dexterity. You'll analyze the song and review the key's most likely chords before playing it hands alone, continuing into an arrangement that includes arpeggios and passing tones.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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