Lesson 43


Focus: Finishing Supplementary Book Three

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


This week's work in the third supplementary book begins with a famous waltz that includes a somewhat varied chording pattern in the left hand and octaves in the right. Duane takes you through the song as written before beginning an arrangement; you'll work with upward inversions, offset octave chords and a number of different runs.


The next song in the supplementary book includes a right hand melody very much unlike anything you've done before; it encompasses a number of different octaves with written-in echoes. Before beginning work on this song, Duane explains the idea behind echoes and the way to execute them to achieve the most interesting results. You'll play the song slowly once then gradually increase the tempo, focusing on the chromatic passages written into the piece. Though it doesn't necessarily require an arrangement (and you won't be assigned one), Duane demonstrates a possible arrangement style for a song such as this.


Your next song, "O, Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie," includes a steady western bass and accompanying melodic style. After practicing the written song, Duane shows you how to loosen up the steady western sound into a playful arrangement using syncopation, octaves and twangs.


The lesson (and the supplementary book) ends with "Hot Time Boogie," a piece that focuses on boogie bass and staccato phrasing. Like the last piece, you'll run through it as written and then begin to loosen up the steadily written bass accompaniment with a number of arrangement techniques, such as two-steps and grace notes.


Review by Mollie Wells


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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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