Lesson 42


Focus: Boogie Bass and Finishing Book Three

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 42 kicks off with a new bass pattern, the boogie bass, which is almost exactly like the western bass. Duane teaches you the notation and techniques used to execute this style and also discusses the ways in which boogie and western bass are differently, namely in style's treatment. You'll work with a brief exercise to get acquainted with the boogie bass and also to practice your staccato phrasing before moving on to "Bustin' Boogie," your first boogie bass song. You'll, of course, work through the song as written, but since it's written in a very steady, tight style, Duane teaches you a number of ways to loosen it up and make it immediately distinctive from the western bass.


As the boogie bass study represents the final lesson of book three, you'll then move on to the task of working through the third supplementary book, starting with "O, Canada." It's a somewhat simple song, one used to review many techniques covered so far. You'll then move on to the Italian folk song "Maddalena," practicing the swing bass and damper pedal techniques hands alone, before beginning work on another piece that introduces Fine and D.C. Al Fine, two new musical notations; Duane fully explains and demonstrates the concept behind these. The lesson ends with one more song in the supplementary book, another simple review that you'll play hands alone before combining the bass accompaniment with the melody.

Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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