Lesson 40


Focus: More Practice with Arrangement

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 40 again takes you to the third supplementary book, where you'll be working with a number of arrangement principles and techniques. The lesson's first piece, "There's a Tavern in This Town," begins with an analysis of chord structure and form, making sure that you truly understand the piece before even attempting to play it. After successfully identifying the chords and naming each part, you'll play the song both hands alone and hands together; as always, Duane guides you through this song step by step. You'll then begin arranging the piece by taking a close look at its context to determine the appropriate style, ragtime in this case. Duane demonstrates a ragtime arrangement and reviews the techniques, like swing bass, tremelos and echoing melodies, that are often associated with the form. He also introduces the two-step, a new syncopated fill for use in your right hand melodies, and the act of walking up half steps instead of whole ones.


The next song in this lesson is a slower, more romantic piece that includes an Alberti bass accompaniment and a new sort of accent mark; Duane explains this new concept in detail before beginning work on the song. After practicing the written material, you'll analyze the chord structure and form to create a new arrangement based on part changes, one that includes chord notes in the right hand, arpeggios in the left hand and a number of different color tones.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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