Lesson 37


Focus: Playing and Arranging Practice

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 37 starts in the third supplementary book with a G major scale song that includes a 3/4 broken chord pattern. You'll work through the song as written, gaining practice with the G major family chords, then begin a sort of arrangement review. Duane takes you through the process of adding a third interval to the melody, playing the accompaniment in Alberti bass and explains a bit about parallel sixths and their effect on an arrangement. He also discusses endings in more detail, showing you how to break up a chord and play it in two octaves to finish off a song.


You'll then begin working on a waltz in G major, going through the piece both hands alone and hands together. This song features a written alternate bass, which Duane demonstrates before moving into a discussion on comfortably glancing at your hands without losing your place in a piece of music. He also talks about finding the perfect alternate notes and begins arranging the waltz in a variety of styles. You'll practice breaking up chords in three octaves, a fast run up the keys. You'll also review the 2-1 break-up and straddles before switching the melody to the left hand. Duane ends this arrangement review by teaching you the techniques needed to execute four-note runs, 3-1 break-ups and new sorts of syncopation.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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