Lesson 35


Focus: Arrangement and Form Analysis

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 35's lesson begins with another F major song, this time including broken chords in a 4/4 rhythmic pattern. After going through the song as written, you'll begin an analysis of the song's form to determine the most appropriate and interesting arrangement. Duane introduces and explains descending bass (and why it works best in a 4/4 time within a piece that includes a lot of sameness) and how to switch time signatures in an arrangement. He also demonstrates the broken octave technique, occasionally adding some syncopation to play up melodic elements, and works through a number of different arrangements to show you the nearly endless possibilities.


The lesson then moves into the third supplementary book, starting with a gospel hymn in the key of G major. As usual, you'll practice the song as written before moving on to several possible arrangement techniques, including adding intervals and octaves below the melody. You'll continue your practice with a classical song, also in G, that focuses on a staccato melody and broken chord pattern. Duane ends the lesson by reviewing several notation and arrangement techniques with a waltz in the key of G major.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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