Lesson 34


Focus: Practice and Keyboard Pointers in the F Major Scale

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 34's first exercise is a popular folk song intended to practice your ability to play the F major scale and its accompanying family chords. You'll approach this piece in a slightly different manner, however; instead of jumping right into a hands alone or hands together run through, Duane shows you how to analyze the song's form before even attempting to play it. He'll explain how identifying parts and chords prior to playing a song is beneficial to your reading abilities, pointing out all the subtleties within the piece's form. After a solid analysis of the form, you'll play the piece as written and then attempt an arrangement. Duane provides you with a review of several arrangement techniques and also teaches you the turnaround walk-up and some chord substitutions.


You'll then begin work on a new set of keyboard pointers in the F major scale. These pointers concentrate on the scale in both the treble and bass clefs, focusing on a new fingering and some new treble clef chord positions. After studying and practicing the pointers, you'll move on to a new song -- a famous lullaby --  practicing 3/4 broken chord patterns within the F major scale. You'll also concentrate on some arrangement techniques to play up the sweet, flowing sound of the piece, such as taking it up an octave, adding Alberti bass and a bit of syncopation.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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