Lesson 33


Focus: The B7 Chord and F Major Scale

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 33's lesson starts with a practice song that introduces a few new concepts. First, you'll learn the B7 chord and its fingering and inversions, quickly moving on to study a new inversion of E7. You'll also be introduced to some new notation that indicates dynamic and tempo changes within the piece. Duane helps you slowly work through the song as written, paying close attention to the new inversions and chords, before starting on the arrangement. You'll cover the hand-over arpeggio and block-chord style in addition to learning a bit about chord substitutions.


You'll then be introduced to a new key and scale: F major. After a review of how major scales and tetrachords work, Duane teaches you the fingering, note placement and key signature of this scale. You'll also look at the F major family chords: Fmaj, B-flat-maj, and C7, learning their pointer positions and inversions. Duane shows you how to play the F major scale in both the treble and bass clef before moving on to a well-known classical song to practice these techniques. You'll go through the piece hands alone and together, focusing on the pointer positions and inversions of the above-mentioned chords and learning to recognize the chord structure with the F major scale.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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