Lesson 32


Focus: Keyboard Pointers and Review Quiz

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


This week's lesson, another shorter one intended for reviewing and solidifying your playing techniques, begins with a new keyboard pointer. It's a bit different than the keyboard pointers you've practiced before; this time, the exercise is an actual song used to practice a variety of techniques. You'll work with third intervals, legato playing and note reading while concentrating on the song's broken chord accompaniment and melody harmonies. Duane guides you through this exercise slowly, ensuring that you absorb every important point and then moves into a tiny bit of arranging, showing you how to offset notes within a melody.


The second part of this lesson is encompassed by a quiz to test your knowledge of chord recognition and form. Like the above keyboard pointer, this quiz is a full (and somewhat complicated) song containing several techniques. You'll first be asked to identify the chords within the song, challenging your sense of chord recognition. Then, you'll be asked to analyze the key and form in which the song is written. After help you to successfully fulfill the quiz requirements, Duane takes you slowly through the song as written, focusing on the melody/bass contrast and parallelisms that dominate much of the piece. He'll then demonstrate a few arrangement possibilities, including twangs and grace notes.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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