Lesson 30

Focus: Octaves and Arrangement Review

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


This week's lesson, shown entirely in close-up, begins with last week's "Marine Hymn," focusing on the arrangement techniques covered previously -- but this time up close and in detail. You'll again practice playing broken chords and recognizing notes in Gmaj, paying careful attention to the fingerings and inversions learned in the last few lessons. You'll also re-examine the song's form and continue to practice walk-ups and walk-downs in addition to descending octaves and harmony octaves. Duane also shows you how to add a little something to your octave technique by playing chord notes of varying rhythm on the melody's off-beats.


You'll then move into book three's formal introduction to octaves, including an explanation of the concept and how to read them on a piece of music. You'll learn the fingering and specific techniques required to execute the octaves perfectly before beginning a song that contains octaves in the written form. Duane walks you through the piece, diving even further into the practice of playing octave melodies. This week's lesson draws to a close with the well-known "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow," a piece again focusing on octaves in the melody and allows you to experiment with Duane's earlier demonstration of chord note additions on the melody's off-beats.


Review by Mollie Wells


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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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