Lesson 29


Focus: Arrangement Techniques and Keyboard Pointers

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 29 begins with last week's last song. Since you've already played through it as written, you'll now focus on a particular arrangement technique for the piece: walk-downs and walk-ups in the left hand. Duane explains the effect of the technique, when it can be used and how to execute it before demonstrating it within the context of the song. You'll also learn a turnaround walk-up and a particular ending that works well in Gmaj and adds variety and color to the end of a song.


You'll then move on to the first set of keyboard pointers in book 3. These short pieces focus on playing the G major scale with one hand, exercising your finger dexterity, technique and note-reading abilities. You'll also practice family chords in the G major scale and become acquainted with the chords in both the bass and treble clef.


The last section of week 29's lesson introduces "Marine Hymn," your first march of the course. You'll practice reading broken chords in Gmaj and playing the scale in both hands, learning to recognize the family chords found in the G major scale. After playing it as written, Duane walks you through the form of the song and demonstrates some arrangement possibilities for the piece, again focusing on walk-ups and walk-downs. You'll end this week by practicing octaves and harmonies in the treble clef as well as learning to add descending octaves to your arrangements.


Review by Mollie Wells



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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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