Lesson 28

Focus: Key Signature and the G Major Scale

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 28 dives into book three with an introduction to the G major scale and its family chords. After a brief review of major scale construction and tetrachords, plus a glance at the building of G major, you'll learn the fingering and note placement for this scale. The introduction to the G major scale also provides an introduction to key signature as a whole; this far, you've been playing in C, which contains no sharps or flats. After an exercise to practice playing the scale in both the bass and treble clefs, Duane explains the concept of family chords and scale degrees and shows you how understanding these things can help you with your note-reading ability.


The lesson then moves on to teach you three new G major scale pointer chords and some inversions. After introducing a new song to exercise your ability to recognize and play these chords, the lesson goes in for the close-up to show you the new chords and scale in detail, including their fingering and inversion; additionally, Duane demonstrates a few arrangement techniques for the first G major scale song. You'll begin work on a second song while still in close-up view, focusing heavily on left-hand staccato beats and syncopation at the song's parallel parts.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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